Marion Shooting Victim's Condition Improves

The shooting victim from Saturday night’s diner attack in Marion is improving.  Rita Sharon-Underwood, who is 47, is showing signs of improvement at a Fort Wayne hospital.  Meanwhile, charges are pending against her assailant, Theron Lee Bailey.  As many as 12 counts, including attempted murder, may be filed against him soon.

Randolph County Voting Machine Vendor Gone

The company which made the voting machines for Randolph County has gone out of business.  According to County Clerk Claudia Thornburg, Voting Technologies International, is no longer operating.   The phone number is disconnected and the employees have all been let go.   This leaves the county with no support for the equipment during future elections.

Financial Aid Deadline is Saturday

For college bound students, Saturday is the deadline to apply for financial aid.  Federal grants and loans and other funding sources may be applied for by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).   Students may also apply electronically at

BSU's McKinley Ave. Project Gets Award

Ball State’s McKinley Avenue improvement project has received an award.  The renovation was recognized with a Quality Achievement Award from the Indiana Partnership for Transportation Quality.  The BSU project improved pedestrial safety and beautified the campus.   There is a third phase to the project scheduled this year.

Gunshots Ring Out Overnight in Muncie

Gunshots erupted in Muncie’s Industry neighborhood early Tuesday morning.  One man was shot in the fracas and three other were arrested.   According to the Muncie Police department, the trouble began at North at Madison Streets.   20-year old Brandon Hood was found outside and is a suspect in the case.  Later, more gunshots rang out in the area of Fifth and Blaine.  Terrance W. Douglas was shot in that incident and taken to Ball Hospital.  Investigations continue.

Muncie May Have a "Hydrant Fee"

Muncie City Council has introduced a “hydrant fee” proposal.   At its meeting Monday night, it was reported this would cost the average water user about $21 per year.  Questions were also asked regarding what would happen to the more than $615,000 in property tax revenue which would become available as the result of the fee, if adopted.

DST Begins on Sunday

Sunday is when daylight saving time goes into effect at 2 a.m.  Most residents of Indiana and the nation will be setting their clocks ahead by one hour.   This year, the time change comes earlier than in the past, and may cause problems with electronic devices, including computers.   Most computers with the latest Windows updates should “know” about the new time change, if they are connected to the internet via cable or DSL.  Other devices such as Blackberrys, cell phones and VCRs might need to be adjusted manually.

Anderson and Madison County Fight Potholes

Anderson and Madison County road crews are attacking the thousands of potholes throughout the area.   Anderson is going to spend $1.7 million in paving projects, compared to the $65,000 which was spent in 2004.   Nick Vores of the Anderson Street Department, says it would cost as much as $12 million to get the city’s street’s up to an acceptable level.   The city has also established a Pothole Hotline — 648-6445.