Man Held On Attempted Murder Counts

Attempted murder and other counts face a 38-year-old Elwood man in the beating of another man. Daniel Armstrong is accused of barging into a home and striking Zachary Arnold in the head. He’s being held in the Madison County jail, no bail. He’s also charged with strangulation and intimidation with a deadly weapon.

Barton Trial Start Date Rescheduled

December 9th is the new trail date set for a Muncie Sanitary District official on federal corruption charges. It had been set for June 17th. 49 year old Trey Barton was indicted on charges including witness tampering, wire fraud and falisfication of documents. He’s accused of steering a contract to a bidder and then soliciting cash and check kickbacks.

Muncie Announces Summer Youth Programs

The City of Muncie will be offering a wide variety of FREE programs for youth to participate in this summer.
The Parks Department partners with a variety of local organizations. Back to Basic Summer Camp will take place from June 3, 2019 to July 26. Hours for day camp programs will be 8am to 4pm Monday through Thursday.

Ahead Of The Holiday, USDA Recalls 62,000 Pounds Of Beef

If you’re planning on firing up the grill this Memorial Day weekend, you may want to double check your meat. The USDA has issued a recall for more than 62,000 pounds of raw beef due to E. coli concerns. The meat was packaged at the Aurora Packing Company in North Aurora, Illinois on April 19 and shipped nationwide. The recall includes more than 40 products, most of which are cuts of steak, like ribeye, as well as ribs and brisket cuts.

Indy 500 Forecast Calling For Rain Chances

Indy 500 officials and fans are looking at a potentially wild race day weather forecast. Currently, it includes scattered showers and the possibility of lightening, hail and winds of 60 mph or higher. According to IMS President Doug Boles, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway won’t know how the weather could affect the race until race day morning. Fans are encouraged to arrive early, be ready for the race to start on time, and have a personal safety plan.

What Kind Of Milk Would You Chug In Victory Lane?

One of the Indy 500’s greatest traditions is drinking ice-cold milk in victory lane. The American Dairy Association Indiana asks each driver to pick from one of three types of milk: whole, two-percent or fat-free. Out of the field of 33 drivers, 21 chose whole, 10 prefer two-percent. One driver said fat-free. And Will Power says he has no preference.

Tracy Barton Trial Delayed Until December

The upcoming trial has been delayed for Tracy Barton, the Muncie Sanitary District’s superintendent of sewer maintenance. Barton was indicted last September on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, falsification of documents in a federal investigation and witness tampering. His new trial date is December 9.

Car Crash Sends Two To Hospital

A car accident in Noblesville sends two men to the hospital. According to a press release from the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, a driver failed to stop at an intersection and drove into another vehicle almost head-on. 40-year-old Roscoe Leverett was hit by 41-year-old Justin Wilson’s car when Wilson failed to stop at a flashing red-light intersection. Leverett was transported to Riverview Hospital in Noblesville, and Wilson was transported to Community Hospital Anderson.

Zoning Appeals Board To Meet Tuesday On Solar Farm Issue

Madison County’s Board of Zoning Appeals has set ground rules for their next meeting. A decision on the proposed Lone Oak Solar Farm has been delayed twice, and the next meeting is set for 8:30 Tuesday morning at the Madison County Government Center. Both the company and opponents of the $110 million project had until noon yesterday to submit any additional information.

Police Find 50K In Meth; 17K In Cash

A Muncie man has been arrested after police found $50,000 worth of meth and $17,000 in cash in the man’s home. 37-year old Reginald Brown was found with 1,187 grams of crystal meth, and he been charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver. The level 2 felony could carry up to 30 years in prison. Brown has previous misdemeanor convictions for possession of marijuana. The Muncie man continues to be held without bond in the Delaware County Jail.