Anderson Target Store Closes Doors

Goodbye Anderson Target. The Applewood Center location off Scatterfield Road closed its doors for good over the weekend. The closing is just one in a long string of closings for the market giant, which was the victim of a data breach in 2014 that ended up costing the company $256 million. Local workers were offered positions at other nearby locations. There are currently no plans to open a new Target near Anderson.

Council Could Amend Animal Ordinanace

It could mean stiff fines for people who don’t take care of their pets. The Muncie City Council will today discuss the possibility of changing the current animal ordinance. The new law could force dog owners to shelter their pets when temps go to 20 degrees or below. The Muncie Animal Shelter and Director Phil Peckinpaugh are behind the push. They’re hoping the council will allow them to enforce and fine owners $100 for non-compliance.

Ball State University – “No Scandal or Crisis”

Ball State University Board of Trustees chairman Rick Hall at a Friday trustees meeting says “there is no scandal, no other shoe that’s going to drop, & no financial crisis”. That’s in regards to the resignation without explanation of Ball State’s president after less than 18 months on the job was voluntary and not prompted by any disgrace, citing personnel reasons for protecting Paul Ferguson’s privacy. The university announced his resignation one week ago.

Dudley To Council – “Need $”

The cost of incarceration is going up this year in Delaware County. Sheriff Ray Dudley released a report detailing needed repairs and issues that need to be addressed, including faulty electrical and overcrowding. Dudley says some of the immediate concerns are being addressed, and is asking city council to approve the money spent.

Bridge Work Will Impact Muncie Bypass

A ‘heads up’ on an upcoming highway project that will have a MAJOR impact on the Muncie Bypass. Beginning in April, construction crews will be working on bridges over Muncie Creek. That means that the area of the bypass just south of Riggin Road will be down to one lane in both directions. All work on the project is expected to be completed before August.

Historic Exhibition Opens Tuesday

As we begin our second month of celebrating Indiana’s Bicentennial our thoughts turn to the historical. Here’s a chance for you to see two collections of historic American documents and photographs which were previously unavailable to the public. “Freedom: A History of US” begins tomorrow as part of a traveling exhibition at the Nicholson Library at Anderson University.

On To The State Robotics Championships

It’s on to the State Championships. Middle and high school students in the VEX Robotics program competed for top honors at Anderson University. Teams from 32 Indiana high schools and 16 middle or elementary schools competed Saturday. Winners will advance to the Indiana VEX State Championships in Indianapolis on March 6.

Indiana not liable for state fair stage company’s damages

A decision has been made in the deadly Indiana State Fair stage collapse in 2011. The state’s high court ruled that Indiana is not liable to pay damages that were incurred by a company that provided the stage rigging that collapsed during a storm that killed seven. Nearly 100 people were also injured when high winds knocked over the roof into the crowd waiting to see Sugarland. Indiana has paid $11 million to the victims. The company that did the rigging, Mid-America Sound, faces lawsuits and the amount of damages have been sealed by the court.