Two nurses in trouble with opioids may lose licenses

Two nurses are facing the loss of their nursing licenses after problems with drugs at their workplaces.

37-year-old LPN Laura Collins, who plead guilty to forging prescriptions to get hydrocodone and received a suspended two year sentence, is facing charges of being unfit to practice because of her drug addiction.

The other nurse from Richmond, Stephanie Williams, was fired from two jobs in Richmond and Winchester after testing positive for drugs while on the job. The attorney general is looking to take her license as well.

Man complains about threats during drug deal, arrested for drug dealing

A Muncie man who complained to police about being threatened over a drug deal was arrested for drug dealing, along with the two men he complained about. Tyler Mumpower, Jaron Terry and Brandon Richards are in jail facing dealing charges. Mumpower called police about the threat. Police recovered a stolen AR-15 during the arrest that the two allegedly used to threaten Mumpower.

Dress code changes in Delaware schools

A change to the dress code in Delaware Community Schools was approved last night by the school board, giving discretion to administrators about the length, fit and style of clothing, to ensure there is no disruption to the school environment. The new policy also gives adminstrators more options when meting out punishment for violations.

2016 Indiana Primary Results

It was a big night for Donald Trump as he was declared the winner of the Indiana Republican Presidential Primary – 53 to 36 percent. He easily outpaced Ted Cruz who has announced that he is suspending his campaign. He made the announcement in Indianapolis, joined by his mother, his wife Heidi and running mate Carly Fiorina.


Indiana is “feeling the Bern”: Bernie Sanders won the Democratic presidential primary in Indiana, over front-runner Hillary Clinton. Sanders wants to push for free public college, raising the minimum wage to $15 and to keep manufacturing in the states, not places like China.


Todd Young easily defeated fellow Congressman Marlin Stutzman in a battle for an open U.S. Senate seat that turned nasty, despite many similarities on the issues between the candidates. The seat is currently held by Dan Coats, who is retiring at the end of his term.


In Delaware County, with all 78 precincts reporting:


Presidential Candidate – Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton (55-44)

United States Representative District 6 – Barry Welsh (34)

County Commissioner District #1 – Duke Campbell (77)

County Commissioner District #2 – Annette Craycraft (76)

County Council At Large (3) – Brooke Bishop, Larry Bledsoe Junior, Larry Brandon,

County Commissioner District #2 – Sherry Riggin (46)

County Council At Large (3) – Scott Alexander (23), Jessica Piper, Dick McIntire


Madison County


Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton (51-48)

United States Representative District #5 – Angela Demaree (63)

County Commissioner Middle District – Lindsay Brown, Jeff Hardin, Robin Wagner

County Council at Large (3) – Patti Helms, Lisa Hobbs, William Savage



United States Representative District #5 – Susan Brooks (65)

Judge of the Circuit Court Div. 6 – Mark Dudley over Rodney Cummings (53-46)

County Commissioner–Middle District – Mike Phipps

County Commissioner–North District – John Richwine (60-39)

County Council At Large (3) Mike Gaskill, Brent Holland, Tony Boze,


Randolph County Contested Races

 United States Representative District 6 Democrats – Barry Welsh

United States Representative District 6 Republicans – Luke Messer

County Council at Large -Republican – Gary Friend Sr, David Lenkensdofer, Ted Martin,



Henry County Contested Races

United States Representative District 6 -Dems – Barry Welsh

United States Representative District 6 – Repubs – Luke Messer

County Commissioner – Middle District – Kim L Cronk

County Council At-Large (3) – Harold Griffin, Clay Morgan, Michael Thalls


 Blackford County Contested Races

 Republican Candidates

 County Council at Large – Jack Beckley

 Democrat Candidates

 County Council at Large (3) – Patrick Cale, Travis Pearson, Matt Felver



2016 Election Grant County Contested Races

 Republican Candidates

United States Representative District #5 – Susan Brooks

County Surveyor – James Todd

County Commissioner District #1 – Ron Mowery over John Lawson 41-40 percent

County Council at Large – James McWhirt, edges out Mike Roorbach by just 52 votes

Democrat Candidates

United States Representative District #5 – Angela Demaree

Woman arrested for dealing meth

Muncie police busted a man for meth possession and a woman who allegedly admitted buying the ingredients to make it. 24-year-old Heather Casada and 36-year-old Henry Lowe were arrested in a mobile home where police were called because of a strong chemical smell. She has five other cases pending in local courts, and he has a trial planned for September for allegedly dealing meth. Casada remains in jail.