Lead In School’s Water Supply

Flint, Michigan isn’t the only city dealing with lead in its water. One school district is now on high alert after finding unsafe levels of lead in its water supply. The problem is much more limited than in Flint, however. The unsafe levels were detected only in water coming from one faucet in one classroom at Eastern High School in Howard County.

80 Years In Prison For Fishers Teen

Its 80 years in prison for Max Winkler convicted in the 2014 death of Henry Kim, in a rare murder in Fishers. Kim was shot and his throat was slashed while he was walking in Windermere Park in 2014. Court documents said Winkler had written out a plot to kill someone at the park. Winkler was 17 at the time of the murder, and he later pleaded guilty.

Police Say He Whipped Her With A Belt

Police arrested a 28-year-old Muncie man for whipping his girlfriend with a belt. Donald
Crabtree was booked into jail for the alleged attack. The woman says he became violent and hit her, and pinned her to the bed while trying to wrap the belt around her head. She was able to get away. A concerned neighbor called police. Crabtree is facing several charges.

Credit Card Company Nabs Muncie Woman

A Muncie woman has been arrested for trying to use a stolen credit card, and she was caught by the credit card company. Ladeanna Neal allegedly stole an acquaintances credit card and tried to use it at JC Penney store but it was denied. She called the credit card company after leaving the store, and was told the purchase would be allowed. She returned to make the nearly $1,000 purchase, but the credit card company had called the card owner, who was waiting in the store. Neal has been charged with theft and fraud.

Man Accused Of Rape Takes Own Life

A disturbing story out of Morgan County, where a man was arrested last week on a 26-year-old rape charge: Now he’s dead. Todd Richardson was taken into custody last Thursday after DNA evidence linked him to a rape in Lebanon in 1990. He posted bond the same night. Now, the county sheriff says that Richardson is dead, shooting himself after police tried to serve him with another arrest warrant.

Political Recap

Incumbent Representative Susan Brooks is facing a challenge and it’s coming from her own party. On Friday, the last day of filing for the May primary election, Mike Campbell and Stephen MacKenzie filed declarations of candidacy for Brooks’ 5th District seat. Angela Demaree and Allen Davidson are seeking the Democrat nomination.

11 presidential candidates and 52 congressional hopefuls have filed for Indiana’s primary ballot. All eight remaining Republican presidential candidates have qualified for the ballot, along with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who quit the race the same day his campaign turned in his petition signatures. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will appear on the Democratic ballot.

52 congressional hopefuls have filed for Indiana’s primary ballot. All seven U-S House members seeking reelection in Indiana will first have to survive primary challenges. The most crowded race is for the opening created by Marlin Stutzman’s Senate campaign. Six G-O-P candidates and four Democrats are seeking the nominations in the heavily Republican district.

Hundreds of people gathered Sunday afternoon at a small Indiana church to celebrate and remember the life of a former governor. Edgar D. Whitcomb, the state’s 43rd governor, died Thursday at his home in Rome in Perry County. He was 98.

“Dorito Dogs” Has Local Connection

And the winner is—-Dorito Dogs. And, an Indiana college grad snags the one-million dollar prize and some massive exposure. It was the 10th year for the ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ ad contest. 2010 Franklin College graduate Travis Braun produced the commercial for the contest. It shows three dogs trying to get into a supermarket to get some Doritos. Braun isn’t the only Franklin College graduate affiliated with Doritos. The person credited with creating the Doritos chip is a Franklin College graduate, Arch West. He was from Indianapolis.