Pence Terminates Website Plan

Governor Mike Pence has terminated the JustIN website. Pence sent a memo to agency heads stating the JustIN was well intentioned, but a thorough review prompted his decision to terminate development immediately. Pence caught flack after internal documents concerning the website were reported. The documents stated JustIN was to be a news service that would “break” news, but Governor Pence has stated he was only aware that the site would be a clearinghouse for press releases.

Dunnuck To Run For City Court Judge

A Muncie attorney has announced her candidacy for judge of Muncie City Court. The Star Press reports Amanda Dunnuck says she will file for the Democratic Party nomination in the May primary election. Dunnuck is the first candidate to announce a candidacy for the position, which until recently was held by Democrat Dianna Bennington. Bennington agreed to leave the bench in recent days after an investigation by the Indiana Supreme Court that found violations of state laws governing judicial behavior.

“A Major Shift Of Education Authority”

A House committee has taken the first step in what could be a major shift of education authority in Indiana. The House Education Committee voted along political party lines to shift several duties of the Department of Education to the State Board of Education. The Department is led by State Superintendent Glenda Ritz, the only Democrat holding statewide office. The board, though split between Republicans and Democrats, has been entirely appointed by Republican governors.

Eaton Man Wakes Up In Wrong House

An Eaton man has been arrested after he was found asleep in a home he broke in to near the Ball State University campus. Upon being awakened by police, Corey James Lyons Brown thought he was at a friend’s home in Gaston. His blood alcohol content was measured at point 115 percent. Brown was charged with residential entry, criminal mischief and public intoxication. He was being held in the Delaware County jail.

Bluffton Couple Also Charged With Dealing Meth

The Wells County Prosecutor has charged 21-year-old Breanna Arnold and 30-year-old Zachary Barnes – both of Bluffton – with dealing meth. They were formally charged last week with six felony counts, including child neglect, altering a death scene and abuse of corpse. Court documents reveal Arnold‘s three-year-old son Owen Collins died under their care. Court records also reveal that Barnes last Aug. 14 was placed on probation for a year in Blackford Superior Court after he pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance.

Straight-Ticket Voting May Be Thing Of The Past

The House Elections and Apportionment Committee is considering a bill which would eliminate straight ticket voting. The bill‘s author, Rep. David Ober of Albion, says the bill would eliminate the option to vote for every candidate in a political party by selecting one button on the ballot. He says voters could still select every candidate in a party but would have to select them individually instead of in one fell swoop.

Estate Attorney Finally Complies With Court Order

A Madison County estate attorney has finally complied with a court order to turn over financial records after he bounced a 78-thousand dollar check written to a local church. Stephen W. Schuyler was ordered to turn over the financial records of an estate in which he was the administrator. The Monday deadline came and went, but on Thursday, Schuyler finally turned over the records of the estate of Sarah Wilding to the newly-appointed administrator.

Muncie Man Arrested For Robbery

A Muncie man has been accused of robbing a male acquaintance at gunpoint.
22-year-old Alonzo G. Williams has been arrested and charged with armed robbery, intimidation and carrying a handgun without a license. Williams, being held in the Delaware County jail under a $55,000 bond, was convicted in 2013 of criminal recklessness and resisting law enforcement.

MadCo Man Busted For Heroin Dealing

One man from Madison County and four from Grant County have been arrested for alleged Heroin dealing. Police were alerted to apparent drug-dealing taking place in a Gas Coty K-Mart parking lot. Police arrested 41-year old Kenneth Gluff of Summitville; along with Bradley Gray, Brian Goble, Dustin Kirby, and David Huffman; all of Gas City. All five were held in the Grant County Jail. Investigators say more charges are possible against the men and further arrests could be made in the case.

AHS Students Produce TV Program

Students at Anderson High School are learning the television industry firsthand.
Almost a year ago the city of Anderson launched Anderson TV, a local cable network that airs government meetings, public service announcements, coverage of events and locally produced programming. Students at Anderson High School are producing a program for Anderson TV while taking a Media Production class for credit. The program can be viewed on Comcast channel 18.