Indy 500 Forecast Calling For Rain Chances

Indy 500 officials and fans are looking at a potentially wild race day weather forecast. Currently, it includes scattered showers and the possibility of lightening, hail and winds of 60 mph or higher. According to IMS President Doug Boles, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway won’t know how the weather could affect the race until race day […]

What Kind Of Milk Would You Chug In Victory Lane?

One of the Indy 500’s greatest traditions is drinking ice-cold milk in victory lane. The American Dairy Association Indiana asks each driver to pick from one of three types of milk: whole, two-percent or fat-free. Out of the field of 33 drivers, 21 chose whole, 10 prefer two-percent. One driver said fat-free. And Will Power […]

Tracy Barton Trial Delayed Until December

The upcoming trial has been delayed for Tracy Barton, the Muncie Sanitary District’s superintendent of sewer maintenance. Barton was indicted last September on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, falsification of documents in a federal investigation and witness tampering. His new trial date is December 9.

Car Crash Sends Two To Hospital

A car accident in Noblesville sends two men to the hospital. According to a press release from the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, a driver failed to stop at an intersection and drove into another vehicle almost head-on. 40-year-old Roscoe Leverett was hit by 41-year-old Justin Wilson’s car when Wilson failed to stop at a flashing […]

Police Find 50K In Meth; 17K In Cash

A Muncie man has been arrested after police found $50,000 worth of meth and $17,000 in cash in the man’s home. 37-year old Reginald Brown was found with 1,187 grams of crystal meth, and he been charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver. The level 2 felony could carry up to 30 years […]

He Wasn’t Who He Claimed To Be

He wasn’t who he said he was.  Police say a New Castle man gave a fake name during a traffic stop this week, but they found out who he was and arrested him for drug possession and identity deception. 49-year-old Daniel Holder was a passenger in a car that failed to use a turn signal. […]

Youth Organizations Encourage Summer Reading

Summer programs are working together to benefit Muncie youth. The Muncie Public Library is joining other community organizations to encourage reading all summer long. Volunteers meet at Kennedy Library to discuss plans and activities, and the organizers hope to encourage everyone to read at least 15 minutes a day.

Recipients Of Oliver W. Storer Scholarships

The Oliver W. Storer Scholarship Committee made up of the Delaware County public high school principals has announced the granting of 9 scholarships to Delaware County high school seniors. The winners are: Miya Morrison, Zachary Abrell, Braydon Hill, Mackenzie Walker, Samantha Bilby, Alexis McAllister, Sydney Cook, Maria Kelly, and Macy Brammer.