Tuesday, 9/22/2020 Woof Boom Morning Briefs

Fieldhouse nearing completion, again!   The remaining work on the North Walnut Street Fieldhouse is nearing completion That’s Central High School Principal Chris Walker last week in the WLBC Zoom Room. More Facts, Not Fear: despite what you may hear on National news sources, Indiana is much better off than many states.  Gov. Holcomb from last […]

Monday, 9/21/2020 Woof Boom Morning Briefs

Who received an invite, and who did not?  Last week, the Muncie newspaper reported on some candidates, including 6th District Congressman Greg Pence, not agreeing to be in forums organized by some Muncie groups.  Friday, Liz Dessauer, Spokeswoman for Greg Pence for Congress campaign emailed a statement at our request:  “Our campaign was never contacted […]

BSU Trustees approve balanced budget

As a result of prudent planning, combined with better than projected enrollment and retention, Ball State University’s Board of Trustees today approved a balanced budget for 2020-21.    Ball State President Geoffrey S. Mearns informed the Board that the budget will enable the University to continue to focus on its academic mission while also responding […]

Friday, 9/18/2020 Woof Boom Morning Briefs

Party people might get a reprieve.   It was a short video clip from last weekend, a gathering held in the Village with social media posts that were shared with BSU and the Health Department – President Mearns told us yesterday in the WLBC Zoom Room what happened next The Muncie newspaper stated that Be […]

Thursday, 9/17/2020 Woof Boom Briefs

Not enjoyable phone calls to make –  Our Steve Lindell spoke to Principal Chris Walker yesterday in the WLBC Zoom Room, and he was amazed at the understanding of all involved as they had to shut down Muncie Central football for a little while Hear the entire interview this weekend on This Week in Delaware […]

Wednesday, 9/16/2020 Woof Boom Morning Briefs

The two game winning streak will have to wait  –  As WLBC told you first, yesterday afternoon, two Muncie Central football games have been cancelled due to a positive case of COVID-19 for a Central High School football player.   This Friday’s game at Arsenal, and the September 25 home game against Lafayette Harrison have both […]

Tuesday, 9/15/2020 Woof Boom Briefs

Dan Ridenour:  In a room filled with local business leaders, realtors, bankers, and Woof Boom Radio news, the Muncie Mayor wanted to share – Muncie / Delaware County is #1.  In recent information from the Indiana Association of Realtors, his city, and the county it resides in ranks number one for increase in median sales […]