Four set for trials in Rodriguez’s death

Four people charged with the shooting of Raphael Rodriguez on April 10th were arraigned and given court dates for their trials. 17-year-olds Mason O’Neal and Marcus Wilson II, 20-year-old C.B. Buck and 21-year-old Logan Jean May are accused of robbing the man of crystal meth in his apartment when he was killed.

Jared Fogle texts revealed in federal appeal

Subway pitchman and convicted felon Jared Fogle is appealing his prison sentence because it exceeded federal guidelines. In response, his text messages soliciting underage prostitutes are being made public in the filing by the government in U.S. District Court of Appeals. Fogle got almost 16 years. Among new details, they say Fogle went to great […]

Ridgeville man charged in fatal hit and run

A Ridgeville man was arrested for a hit and run traffic crash in Randolph County that killed a motorcyclist. 60-year-old William Caylor is being held in jail on bond. The Saturday night crash killed 45-year-old Dion Young of Ridgeville. Deputies say Caylor failed to yield his pickup and was hit by the motorcycle, then left […]

Realtor Roger Shoot sentenced

Madison County realtor Roger Shoot was sentenced today for taking advantage of unsuspecting buyers. Judge Thomas Newman Jr. gave Shoot 8 and a half years of probation in a plea deal. Shoot agreed to pay $36,000 restitution and court costs.

“Mr. Basketball” has died

Basketball fans are mourning the passing of “Mr. Basketball” Ron Bonham. The Muncie native scored 2,000 points in his senior year at Central High School, played for the national championship at U.C. and went on to the Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers. He returned to a career in politics and public service. Ron Bonham was […]