Jobs #1 priority for next president, poll shows

Whomever is elected president, people in our area want jobs. The Herald Bulletin’s analysis of exit polling showed most respondents want better, high paying jobs. Many focused on social issues for the middle class and one respondent said it best when she said she’d like to see politicians on both sides of the aisle to […]

Anderson ML&P electric rates down .25 percent for summer

Customers of Anderson Municipal Light and Power will get a small break on their monthly bills in the third quarter this year. Electric rates for the average residential customer will go down $2.82 cents per month for July, August and September. That’s a .25 percent decrease that for the same months last year.

Amish teen ejected from buggy in crash near Economy

An Amish teenager was killed in a buggy crash on U.S. 35 North near Economy last night. State police say 17-year-old Jonas Beiler was a passenger in a buggy with no headlights that was rear ended and sent it crashing into an oncoming vehicle. That collision ejected the boy and he was hit by another […]

Man sent to prison for robbing, beating teen

A man will spend three years in jail for beating and robbing a teenager in Hartford City. 28-year-old Kyle Stephen pleaded guilty to attacking and robbing Layne Mahon, an 18-year-old who was attacked on January 14th. Stephen’s co-defendant, Charlotte Kellogg, pleaded guilty and received a four-year suspended sentence because she’s already going to prison for […]

Driver killed on railroad tracks in Parker City

A man was killed this morning in Parker City at the train tracks. Terry Wright apparently drove around a crossing gate about 6:30 this morning. His truck was hit by a westbound train and dragged his vehicle a block west to Main. The 65-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. Wright was a Parker City […]

Riverfront project stalled for lack of funding

Mayor Dennis Tyler says today the $48 million dollar development plan for a downtown riverfront district is on hold. He told the Star Press yesterday the city asked for proposals from potential developers and got some, but they were suspended. Lack of funding is blamed as the reason the project is on hold. The Redevelopment […]

Pacers say adios to head coach

The Indiana Pacers have shown Coach Frank Vogel the door. Team President Larry Bird announced today that Vogel is not being fired. His contract is up and Bird decided not to renew it. This was his first NBA head coaching job.