Drug Dealer Charged With…Dealing Drugs

He’s already been convicted of selling cocaine, is on trial for dealing heroin and has been arrested this week for selling both. Police say 28-year-old Dominique Goodwin is charged with selling heroin to an informant for the Muncie PD.  He was also accused of selling cocaine to an undercover informant back in November.

Mastodon Bones Unearthed Near Seymour

Workers installing sewer lines across a southern Indiana farm unearthed the fossilized bones of a mastodon that likely stood about 9 feet tall. The bones include most of a tusk, parts of a skull and a jawbone with teeth. They were recently dug up on a farm in Seymour.

Muncie’s Bridge Dinner Set For April 25

Muncie’s Bridge Dinner at Washington Street Bridge is set for April 25 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm. Food and drink will be available for purchase, there will be live music and a free shuttle service for Ball State students. The event is free to attend – the food and drinks are on you.

Skeletal Remains Discovered In Anderson Park

Mushroom hunters discovered more than they bargained for in Anderson’s River Bend Park Wednesday. Police say skeletal remains were found at the park along with an ID and some clothing. The Madison County coroner’s office says they believe they know who it is, but haven’t released the identity.

I.U. Confirms 16 Cases Of Measles; 9 In One Fraternity

Indiana University confirms 16 cases of mumps, with nine of those being linked to one fraternity. IU spokesman Chuck Carney says all but one of the students infected with the virus lived off-campus, in a fraternity house. This all comes despite an Indiana law requiring students attending state-sponsored schools to be vaccinated for mumps and […]