Police Say He Whipped Her With A Belt

Police arrested a 28-year-old Muncie man for whipping his girlfriend with a belt. Donald Crabtree was booked into jail for the alleged attack. The woman says he became violent and hit her, and pinned her to the bed while trying to wrap the belt around her head. She was able to get away. A concerned […]

Credit Card Company Nabs Muncie Woman

A Muncie woman has been arrested for trying to use a stolen credit card, and she was caught by the credit card company. Ladeanna Neal allegedly stole an acquaintances credit card and tried to use it at JC Penney store but it was denied. She called the credit card company after leaving the store, and […]

Church Of God Moves Anderson Headquarters

The Church of God is moving their headquarters from their location on Fifth Street in Anderson to smaller offices in Pendleton. The move is expected to save on building maintenance and transportation costs by being next to the interstate and closer to Indianapolis Airport. Officials say the move will not affect local congregations.

Man Accused Of Rape Takes Own Life

A disturbing story out of Morgan County, where a man was arrested last week on a 26-year-old rape charge: Now he’s dead. Todd Richardson was taken into custody last Thursday after DNA evidence linked him to a rape in Lebanon in 1990. He posted bond the same night. Now, the county sheriff says that Richardson […]

Political Recap

Incumbent Representative Susan Brooks is facing a challenge and it’s coming from her own party. On Friday, the last day of filing for the May primary election, Mike Campbell and Stephen MacKenzie filed declarations of candidacy for Brooks’ 5th District seat. Angela Demaree and Allen Davidson are seeking the Democrat nomination. 11 presidential candidates and […]

“Dorito Dogs” Has Local Connection

And the winner is—-Dorito Dogs. And, an Indiana college grad snags the one-million dollar prize and some massive exposure. It was the 10th year for the ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ ad contest. 2010 Franklin College graduate Travis Braun produced the commercial for the contest. It shows three dogs trying to get into a supermarket to […]

“Super Cute” Commercial

Did you see the “Super Bowl Babies” commercial during the big game? It featured those who were born nine months after their team won the big game. Ella McHugh of Noblesville, and Maddox Butler of Greenwood, were among those little kids that represented the Colts in that ad.

Muncie To Buy Rutter Building

The City of Muncie is buying the old Rutter Communication building. The move is part of Mayor Dennis Tyler’s proposed White River Canal District. The city is spending nearly $400,000 to buy the building in the 400 block of West Washington Street. It’s a key component of the 48-million-dollar riverfront development.