Stedman Graham Hopeful for the Future of Ball State Students

His is message was hopeful, as he is impressed by young people today that go to Ball State University – Stedman Graham…

The Commencement speaker was on WMUN’s Delaware County Today on Friday, the day before about 3,000 graduated at campus ceremonies.

Last week was the first time we interview John Coutinho from Delaware County EMA since the total solar eclipse…

Though crowd estimates were placed at 30,000 from Mayor Dan Ridenour, far fewer than the 100k predicted, emergency personnel, as well as Radio was ready for anything.

You have one less day to wait to see Caitlin Clark with the Fever, because the lone home preseason game will move up one day to Thursday, May 9th, at 7:00 p.m. to accommodate the Pacers’ playoff schedule.  Jared Boomer had that first on Friday.

Things you didn’t know yesterday – A study funded by Wrigley said that student math scores improved when they chewed gum during tests.

Concrete is the most widely used man-made building material in the world, with more than 10 billion tons produced annually.

The average pet owner spends over $4,500 annually on their pet’s basic needs.

Researchers found that procrastination can be genetic.

“Watching with disgust,” some of the words of Delaware County Prosecutor Eric Hoffman in a statement dated last Tuesday, as he referenced what he called illegal activity at campuses in various parts of our Country.  He also wondered, “…why protesters were allowed to set up tents overnight on Ball State’s Campus…”  And also wondered “what is the University going to do in a month or two want to camp out by the duck pond…”  IPR and Star Press reported on one or two instances of two tents being set up near the frog baby area.

The ACLU of Indiana is suing Indiana University over the pro-Palestine protests.  In a statement Friday, the ACLU says IU has violated the rights of people who chose to participate in the pro-Palestine protests, and that the one year ban from campus is a violation of First Amendment rights.

Radio Pacis and Woof Boom Radio have been learning from each other for about a year and a half, as we share ideas and best practices for better broadcasting.  Sherry Meyer is Leadership Consultant and spoke to Steve Lindell Live Friday on WMUN news Radio…

Next week, Steve embarks on a journey there – to visit and learn, and broadcast back to WLBCland.  More to come.

“Public officials can act as individuals and endorse anyone they choose:”  the words of Chad Kinsella. Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Bowen Center for Public Affairs Public Administration.  We have heard and seen public officials endorsing political candidates in recent weeks, but Kinsella says the only time the law may be violated is if a public official uses their official resources (email, phones, office supplies, etc.) for campaign activities, campaigning while on public time, or using their staff for campaign activities.  The Primary election in Indiana is tomorrow.

The Muncie Skate Park – what’s the status, Brad Marshall….

President of the Muncie Parks and Rec Board on WMUN last week, about the Westside Park venue.  Muncie Mayor Dan Ridenour told us some time ago that the DNR approval was finally given, and that bidding process was to begin at that point.


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