FULL RELEASE from Delaware County Prosecutor on “protestors.”

From: Eric Hoffman, Prosecuting Attorney
Subject: Press Release
Date: May 1, 2024


Muncie, Indiana – Over the last few days I have been watching with disgust as “protestors” at various colleges and universities have been permitted to blatantly violate the criminal law. The illegal activity I have seen can be placed
in three (3) general categories:

1) Taking over university buildings, occupying university land by erecting tents and structures, and destruction of university (or other) property;
2) Violent attacks on law enforcement including throwing rocks and frozen water bottles at police officers; and
3) Extreme antisemitism including intimidation of Jewish students and “protesters” blocking Jewish students’ access to university buildings.

These types of illegal activities cannot be tolerated. I happen to share the concern of NYC’s Mayor Eric Adams that radical groups are infiltrating our schools and indoctrinating our youth Adams voiced earlier today. Unfortunately, it seems that some university administrators across country, including right here in Indiana, have intentionally buried their heads the sand and are refusing to enforce campus policies and uphold law and order. I’d like to know why protestors were allowed to set up tents overnight on Ball State’s campus. This is in direct violation of university policy. What is the university going to do in a month or two when people want to camp out by the duck pond or in the quad? Is the administration going to bend the rules for them too? I highly doubt it. What makes these “protesters” different? This selective enforcement of policy can have disastrous consequences. I stand firmly behind the women and men of law enforcement who were ready and willing to enforce university policy and uphold law and order.

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