Protest marks the start of Thanksgiving break

As school dismissed today, it was difficult at first to see the difference between students going home for Thanksgiving break, and those that were part of what was organized as a protest, as part of last week’s situation at Muncie Central High school, reportedly between school resource officers and a student, related to poster-projects hanging in a school hallway. What appeared to be approximately 50 to 75 students gathered with some adult onlookers, stood and spoke in front of the main entrance to the school in a cold, sunny day. At just before the 1 p.m. dismissal, a handful of people were seen to be walking toward the school, at least one with a small protest sign in hand – it was not known if they were students. The plan was to walk to City Hall and then back to Ball Recreation Field.  By 1:40 p.m.,  they started their peaceful walk towards City Hall.