Thursday, 10/6/2021 Woof Boom Radio morning news

An Indiana couple from Indiana, are among those suing Amtrak and the BNSF Railway for the train crash that happened in Montana.  Morgan and Christopher Grosso of Lafayette were in the first row of the observation car when it tilted on its side during the train derailment, and skidded about 200 feet. The couple was able to climb out of broken windows through shattered glass.  The lawsuits are for negligence against Amtrak and the railway.  Three people were killed and more than 50 were injured.

The CDC has a National press conference later this morning – WLBC’s Steve Lindell will cover – it is unknown the specific topics, but it is possible they might clarify that mistaken post from last Friday regarding holiday CIVID guidance.

High-achieving high school and college students who are planning to teach in the State of Indiana for at least five years can apply for a $7,500 scholarship per year of college (up to $30,000 total) through the Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship program.  The Indiana Commission for Higher Education is encouraging students to act quickly, as there are only 200 scholarships available and the deadline to apply is January 31, 2022. Interested students should apply at

A controversial ordinance that would have let Elwood’s shelter have animals left longer than six weeks or who have veterinary bills exceeding $1,000 euthanized was tabled Monday by the Common Council.  The ordinance was developed because of the high expense of housing and treating animals that come into the facility

Liz Kim led the Ball State women’s golf team and tied for fourth while the Cardinals moved up on the leaderboard into fourth earlier this week.  The Cardinals return to the course on Monday, Oct. 11, for the Rocket Classic invitational in Port Huron, Ohio.