Friday, 4/30/2021 Woof Boom Radio Morning news

Masks required, even though they are not.   For the conclusion of BSU Spring Homecoming Week, the bedraces are scheduled today, and the scrimmage is tomorrow at 11 a.m.  Those that have free tickets will be required to wear a face covering, despite the new CDC guidelines that said this week they are not required outdoors, in small groups.

More from that special COVID Briefing this week from the Indiana State Department of Health.  Dr. Lindsay Weaver made a special point to explain why the text alert system was used

She went on to say when the text was sent to Marion county phones, a doubling of attendees happened at IMS.  Some have questioned whether or not cell phones should have been taken over for such a reason.

The treats in your freezer might be part of a new recall

22 year old Robin H. Cook, a former guard at the Madison County Justice Center Work Release Center was sentenced to two years at the Department of Correction as well as other charges.  Cook admitted to altering drug screen results and accepting money to allow participants of the program to bring drugs, alcohol and other contraband into the facility.

Fishers has told WLBC Radio news that they will host a free Touch-a-Truck event on May 18 from 4:30-7:30PM at the NPD (Nickle Plate) AMP, where kids can explore Fishers’ fleet of big rigs, including tractors, snowplows, Police cars, & Fire trucks.

As we’ve reported before, Muncie Central High School will have Commencement in person WITH guests, with 5 tickets being given to each Graduate.  Principal Walker told us, everyone is working together, for situations where some families might need fewer tickets, and some more

June 7th at 7:30 p.m., at the North Walnut Street Fieldhouse.

School clarity, in her own words.  Dr. Kristine Box from the Indiana State Department of Health earlier this week

She share a lot of positive news, but wants to continue the progress made.  Yesterday morning, we referenced some school news she had, but we believe it means more, when you hear Dr. Box’s voice

Last year, it was called off – but we have first word this morning that the 1,000 Flags of Honor event will resume, sponsored by the Exchange Club of Muncie.  Specific info isn’t available yet, but typically it runs the week leading up to September 11th – that attack on America will be marked by the 20 year-mark this year.

The Indiana High School Athletic Association is dealing with a baseball umpire shortage, which has led to lots of games being either postponed or canceled in 2021.  COVID concerns of older umps, as well as unruly fans seem to be the main cause for the shortages.

Earlier this week, we aired a story about new civic classes to be required of middle school students, but the Herald Bulletin talked to several Superintendents that seem to be in the dark – as far as curriculum, expense and staff requirements, or ever what particular grade level will be required to take such courses.

Looking for work? An Indiana popcorn company is hiring

Anderson University will hold its annual Commencement ceremony at 2 p.m. May 8 in Kardatzke Wellness Center (KWC).   A livestream of the ceremony can also be viewed through Boxcast.

As you likely have heard on Woof Boom radio all week, and read on, Minnetrista’ s first Outdoor Farmers Market of 2021 will be 9 a.m.-noon Saturday, and will continue outdoors every Saturday through October in the Orchard Shop parking lot.

This coming week, it looks like a jam packed event for Muncie First Thursday at MADJAX.  No less than 24 artisans will be on site, with music as well.  First, and second floor events, May 6, from 5-8 p.m. Other downtown merchants and galleries will likely have offerings as well.