Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021 Woof Boom Radio Morning news

Dr. Box, please with the progress.   The leader of the Indiana State Department of Health shared a story of a family positively impacted by getting their shots

As Kim Morris told you first yesterday, Hoosiers age 70 and older can now begin scheduling appointments to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  Appointments can be scheduled by visiting

Newton county in the northwestern part of Indiana is the first county in many weeks to NOT be in the Red for “weekly cases per 100,000.” Wabash and Monroe counties have the lowest “7 Day All Test Positivity Rate.”  Far from a “turning point,” but any glimmer of hope is worth reporting.

A Muncie group helping catch an Anderson man – arrested after he was recorded on video by witnesses who said he came to an Alexandria store intending to have inappropriate relations with a 15-year-old girl, in a report by the Herald Bulletin.  The probable cause affidavit states that Clifford M. Pierce III, met a 20-year-old woman through apps. The woman, a member of Predator Catchers Muncie, told Pierce she was 15 years old and the two agreed to meet.  Members of Predator Catchers Muncie confronted Pierce and live-streamed the encounter on Facebook before contacting police.  Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings said he hadn’t heard of Predator Catchers Muncie.

To help the American Red Cross respond to disasters and emergencies big and small, State Farm is matching donations to the Red Cross dollar for dollar up to $100,000 from January 11-15, helping gifts go twice as far.  Find their website for info.

Indiana is not following the CDC recommendation.   The Feds suggested that states allow those 65 and older to be allowed in line for the new COVID vaccines, but Dr. Box from the Indiana Department of Health explained why Hoosiers are not 70 and older instead

There’s lots of important vaccine talk and new information, but Dr. Jeff Bird told our Steve Lindell yesterday on WLBC that the basics still matter

Hear that entire interview on the podcast page of right now.

The County Metrics Map was updated yesterday:  Delaware, Jay, Randolph and Wayne counties are NOT in the Red – but far more Indiana counties ARE, rather than NOT.

After selling out every full distance race in the US and Canada this year, a brand new, one-time IRONMAN event was just announced yesterday.  For one year only, IRONMAN Indiana will take place on October 2, in Muncie.  General registration will open on January 25th.  Local athlete and businessman Gary Thomas explains there will be two races going on race day – very unique.  Thomas says a $10-$15 million impact is likely.

As you likely know by now, Richard Ivy started his job as Muncie Deputy Mayor and his position was replaced on City Council

That’s Mayor Ridenour, who also explained that Ray Dudley’s position will be filled this month by the Democratic party.

Honeywell Arts & Entertainment is proud to host its annual 92 County Art Show in the Honeywell Center Clark Gallery.  On display until Monday, Feb. 15 and features artwork from 36 Hoosier artists providing a variety of paintings, drawings, and other art forms.  The Clark Gallery is open to the public Monday – Friday from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and face coverings are required when entering the Honeywell Center. The 92 County Art Show will also be hosted online at the Honeywell Center Facebook page.