Tuesday, 10/20/2020 Woof Boom Radio Morning news

We’re promised it will be more civil.  The first of two debates among the candidates for Indiana governor is tonight at 7 p.m.  WLBC plans to carry the debate Live, anchored by Steve Lindell.

Another in our series of stories saluting the winners of awards at the Muncie Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting last week – the Outstanding Contributions to Education award, for the partnership between BSU and MCS, was received by Jim Williams, Muncie Community School Board President

The Delaware County Prosecutor filed formal charges on 7 felony counts yesterday against 24 year old Antonio Riviera-Manship.   He is currently being held in the Delaware County Jail under a $160,000 bail.  On October 8, MPD responded for a call of a 3-year-old boy who was ultimately air lifted to Riley Children’s Hospital due to the severity of his injuries, alleged to have been caused by the suspect.

The Indianapolis Colts will allow up to 12,500 fans to attend the Nov. 8 game against the Baltimore Ravens, the team announced Monday.  The attendance number for the game was determined after discussions with the Marion County Public Health Department and were set to meet local, NFL, and CDC coronavirus guidelines. 

With the “NOW normal” of high school athletics, and limitations on attendance this season, Radio stations like The MSS from Woof Boom Radio have experimented with streaming video to accompany their Radio broadcasts – not any more.  Yesterday, a notification sent said, “The IHSAA will be exercising their right to video exclusivity at all four locations of the Soccer Semi-State and all four locations of the Volleyball Semi-State.  No other video broadcaster will be permitted, however, if capacity is available, a radio broadcaster may submit an application to do audio only.”

The jury trial for a Gas City woman, accused of murdering her stepdaughter last year, began yesterday. 34-year-old Amanda Carmack is accused of the strangulation death of 10-year-old Skylea Carmack.   The six other children told police that Carmack was physically abusive to them. Carmack attempted to use mental illness as a defense, but she was found competent to stand trial back in January.

The Supreme Court said Monday that it will hear a challenge to the Trump administration’s use of Pentagon money to build the southern border wall and also its appeal of a ruling that blocked the sending of asylum seekers to Mexico while they wait for their appeals to be heard.

A publication called Your Black World News reported yesterday, that recent harassment and racial slurs could force Jeannine Lee Lake to suspend in-person campaigning.  She has also reportedly written “I WILL NOT QUIT” on her Facebook page as recently as mid last week.  The Muncie Police Department is currently investigating what was reported as shots fired downtown last week, though no evidence has been recovered.  If you have any information about the alleged shots fired, or any other harassment of Lake, please call MPD at 765-747-7878.