Mayor Ridenour Removes Jerry Wise from Board

Jerry Wise removed from Board of Public Works for disrespectful statement

Muncie, IN- At today’s Board of Works meeting, board member Jerry Wise made a highly inappropriate comment related to a question about retiree health insurance.  Effective immediately, Jerry Wise has been removed from the Board of Works.

The entire quote from the Mayor, “Hearing and reading those words from a person appointed to serve the city on a board I appoint, is extremely harmful. His errant comments in no way reflect the thoughts of the Board or the City of Muncie. It is important to me that the public know what a complete loss of trust this shameful comment has proven. It does not reflect the high standard of public service I would expect from board members, city employees, and others I have appointed to serve the citizens and interests of Muncie. While I cannot erase the comment of Mr. Wise, I can remove his presence from the Board. I am hopeful that this will be the first step to repair the damage made by his errant statement, and restore dignity to our entire city.” (Source: press release from City of Muncie).

For context, here is the comment in question – the exchange begins with City Controller Trent Conway’s voice, answering a question of Wise’s:

Some are calling the Mayor’s actions too harsh, and an over reaction.  Other’s are supportive of his immediate decision.