“Who’s in charge?” Our best clarification

There is still some confusion as to, “who’s in charge?”  The questions relate to various orders, rules, and ramifications related to social distancing and so-called stay at home orders.  It is this reporter’s understanding that a State order can be added-to, or made to be stricter by a County’s elected Board.  Cities and Towns within a County most typically abide by their County’s rules, but most seem to be abiding by the State of Indiana’s order.  That, as a matter of law, does allow for a fine if someone knowingly ignores it.  Governor Eric Holcomb has referred to his Executive Order of “stay at home” as a “hunker down” request.  It remains to be seen if any more clarity is added to “essential” and “non-essential” businesses – no such clarifications were specified during the 4/3/2020 State briefing.  As for the Federal Government, our understanding is that only a Presidential “National Lock Down” or similar could or would supersede the State’s ability to police themselves, but President Trump, to date, has been hesitant to do so.  The focus of the Federal government seems to be advise, and encourage social distancing – as well as the focal points of the various “hot spots” and emerging ones, in our Country.  The bottom line:  stay home when you can, and stay 6 feet away from anyone, and wash those hands with hot, soapy water.  Be well.

Steve Lindell