Arrest made in Dunham’s stolen guns case

Anderson police arrested a homeless man for the theft of 8 semi-automatic rifles and four shotguns from Dunham’s Sporting Goods last week. The 20-year-old man, Keenan Myers, pleaded not guilty in court yesterday. Police were called by a man saying Myers tried to sell him a weapon while they were together at a local apartment […]

Hardees to return to Anderson

Hardees is coming back to Anderson. The Board of Zoning Appeals approved the construction of a new restaurant at the old Grindstone Charlie’s site on Scatterfield Road. Hardees will eventually employ about 25 workers. Another building will also be built at the location and will house up to three new retail tenants. The new Hardees […]

Police say man strangled girlfriend’s daughter over fight

Police arrested a Muncie man for attacking his girlfriends daughter during his fight with her mother. 49-year-old Michael Massey has a previous conviction of domestic battery and is charged with intimidation in another case. He’s accused of grabbing the daughter by the throat after he realized she was recording the fight on her cell phone […]

Minn. driver shot by cop, video streamed by Indy woman

The woman who live streamed on Facebook her dying boyfriend shot by a Minnesota police officer yesterday is from Indianapolis. Lavish Reynolds’ video is graphic and disturbing, showing a dying Philando Castile of St Paul. The man was reportedly pulled over for a broken tail light and Reynolds said the man told the officer he […]

Franks charged with mom’s murder

The son of a murder victim has been charged with her killing. Richard Franks is now formally charged with killing 73-year-old Bonnie Franks in the 3600 block of West Fleetwood Dr. a week ago. The 42-year-old called 911 and reported another person shot her, then fled the house. Police arrested him later in a traffic […]

Man sentenced in sex case with minor

A Madison Circuit Court judge has sentenced a 20-year-old man after he pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct with an underage girl. Christopher Barrett received two years in the Community Corrections program and two years probation. The judge said to send him to prison would likely make him a person who is likely to commit future […]

Anderson extends trash service contract

If you’re a customer of Best Way Disposal in Anderson, you’ll keep your trash collector for the next 18 months. The city has extended the company’s contract and the rate stays the same. Residential customers can request an additional garbage bin at no extra cost, and the service includes one along with a recycling bin.

Anderson pathway replaced by donors

In Anderson, residents are enjoying a new walkway near Anderson University’s tennis courts that was in shambles. The dangerous path was recently repaved after the neighborhood’s board members began fundraising. One of the board members, Kathy Bowen, contributed most of the $18,000 for the project, a gift from her 95-year-old mother. A plaque honoring them […]