Israel: In A Congressman’s Words

In his own words – Why is Israel an ally of the US – why are they important to our safety, 6th Dist. Congressman Greg Pence

That entire interview is on

It isn’t an ordinance, but it was the next step in the process of considering replacement of a fire station in Muncie, says Mayor Dan Ridenour

On WMUN Radio yesterday morning.  The measure was tabled last week, and another committee is to study more.

Suspected members of a drug trafficking gang in Bolivia tossed a bag containing cash from a low-flying plane. The cash was supposed to be collected by other gang members on the ground. But they missed the target, and the bag was seized by police.

More smoldering of the fire story  – continuing coverage of the Muncie fire department building replacement story – now that the measure has been tabled and sent to another committee, what’s next?  Mayor Ridenour

On WMUN Radio yesterday morning.  He stated that the longer this goes, the more likely interest rates are to increase, affecting the total expenses of the project.

It’s becoming pumpkin spice season, and the scent is so popular companies seem to think we need it in everything. Here’s a list of some of some real — and ridiculous — pumpkin spice products:

  • Bath salts • Cheese • Dog treats  • Fettuccine  • Tortilla chips

The other major issue for the US is the Speaker of the House, and though 6th District Congressman Greg Pence told me yesterday morning that he had not decided who to vote for

The modern cell phone turns 40 this month (October 13). It was introduced in Chicago and demonstrated in a call to Alexander Graham Bell’s grandson in Berlin, Germany. The 1983 phone’s price was $3,995. In 1990, there were just over 5 million people in the country with cell phones. Now, 97 percent of Americans have cell phones or smart phones.

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