Yorktown Hires New Town Manager

“…When Pete (Olson) left, we had big shoes to fill. I believe we have a good start in accomplishing that with hiring Chase.”  The words of Lon Fox,  Yorktown Council President about the hiring of Chase Bruton is the next Town Manager of Yorktown, by unanimous vote earlier this week.

The Delaware County basketball tourney is planned for early January, and Woof Boom Radio will have an aggressive Radio plan, as well as free video feed presented by Sam Pierce Chevrolet.  Double headers on Blake, and WMUN Wednesday, Friday and Saturday that week – including the Girls Championship game again this year.

This week in 1976 – the Ball Stores in Muncie advertised “The Next Thing” in Christmas gifts.  It was the amazing Sony Betamax.  This was the year you could be the first one on your block with a videotape recorder – for $1,300.

Why did he do it?  – The FBI and Greenwood Police Department will be holding a joint news conference Wednesday morning to discuss the mass shooting that happened at the Greenwood Park Mall July 17, 2022.  It is scheduled for Dec. 21 at 11 a.m. at the Greenwood City Building. Police could discuss the shooter’s motive and what was on his cellphone.  The shooter killed three people at the mall before an armed bystander shot and killed the shooter.

This fall, Ball Brothers Foundation awarded a $60,000 grant to help officially launch the Judicial Users Manufacturing Partnership (JUMP) program in Delaware County.  The JUMP program was created by John Bush, a 15-year employee of the Delaware County Probation Department. Bush proposed the JUMP program as a solution to multiple congruent problems facing Delaware County and as a way to guide individuals to paths outside of the justice system.

Snow shoveling, cold weather increase risks for cardiac events.  American Heart Association is out with their annual “be careful” advisories ahead of this week’s weather possibilities.