Thursday, 4/21/2022 Woof Boom Radio Morning News

The largest civil settlement in U.S. history. Over $200 million to Indiana last week – from tobacco product manufacturers under the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.  Under this agreement, the state will receive annual payments as long as the tobacco manufacturers continue selling cigarettes in Indiana.  The funds received by Indiana go to healthcare, prevention, and reduction of smoking.   For more information on quitting smoking, call Indiana’s Tobacco Quit Line at 1-800-QuitNow.

You see a used car listing online or through a sponsored ad on social media. You begin communicating with the seller and after agreeing to the deal, you’re asked to wire money.  The seller claims they will keep your payment in escrow for five days to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase.  One consumer reported losing $82,000 to BBB Scam Tracker from an online vehicle purchase which turned out to be a scam. Avoid Online Car Sales Scams – never wire funds or complete bank-to-bank transactions. Contact the seller by phone. See the car first.  Don’t trust a seller or buyer who says that the transaction is guaranteed by eBay, PayPal, Craigslist, or another online marketplace. These sites explicitly explain they cannot guarantee that people using their services are legitimate.

The charges against Barry Morphew in the 2020 death of his wife, Suzanne, have been dismissed.  By dismissing without prejudice, prosecutors can refile the murder charge against Morphew in the future.  Prosecutors said law enforcement believes they’re “close to the discovery” of Suzanne Morphew’s body but said they won’t be able to complete searches before the scheduled trial date due to weather and snowpack, according to the Herald Bulletin.  Morphew is charged with the murder of his wife, Suzanne, whose body hasn’t been found after she was last seen on May 10, 2020. She is presumed dead, according to the Sheriff’s Office in Colorado.

A missing woman and her five-month-old son, who were the subject of a Silver Alert yesterday, have been found in South Bend.  Fox 59 reported that cops found 5-month-old Messiah Morales alive. His mother, 27-year-old Alexis Morales, was found deceased.

While Indianapolis will be home to the next three Big Ten Football Championship Games, the Circle City won’t serve as host to the men’s or women’s conference basketball tournaments.  The 2023 Men’s Basketball Tournament will be held at Chicago’s United Center (March 8-12, 2023), while the Women’s Basketball Tournament will move to Minneapolis’ Target Center (March 1-5, 2023).  The 2023 women’s tournament marks the first time the event has been held outside Indianapolis since 2015.

The supply chain trouble you’ve been hearing about has affected many parts of the economy and society, and in St. Joseph County, it could keep you from being warned about an approaching storm. Of the 67 tornado sirens in the county, six are out of service, and they need circuit boards to be fixed, and those parts are hard to come by.