Friday, 11/20/2020 Woof Boom Morning News

IUBMH is managing, but needs your help, and support.   Yesterday, we asked Dr. Jeff Bird for a status report from the local hospital

During this week’s COVID briefing, Dr. Box was asked by a reporter, how much higher the statistics will climb

Hear much of that briefing replayed this weekend on This Week in Delaware County on several of our Woof Boom Radio stations.

Yesterday morning, at approximately 7:40 am, troopers with the Indiana State Police Pendleton Post along with deputies with the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office responded to a two vehicle personal injury crash involving a school bus near Lynn, Indiana.   The bus, owned by the Randolph Southern School Corporation, being driven by Joni M. Landers, was struck by Heather R. O’Dell, of Modoc – She was transported to Reid Hospital in Richmond for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. Ms. Landers was not injured in the crash, and neither were any of the 10 students onboard.  The investigation is ongoing.

As we told you first yesterday, Anderson Community Schools have decided to stay virtual next week – a short week, before Thanksgiving break.

Second Harvest Food Bank Tailgate Food are now running on a bi-weekly schedule, and they also be affected by holiday closures, so please be sure to double check schedules while they move to a new rotation.  Today 10 a.m. in the Old K-Mart Parking Lot in Anderson.

Universities always seek quality people to lead their student athletes, and BSU football coach Mike Neu is a great representative, as shown Wednesday night

That’s BSU President Geoffrey Mearns in our Zoom Room yesterday – the Cards take their winning streak on the road one week from tomorrow, pregame at 11 a.m. on WLBC.

Digital tickets – it’s the only way to get into Muncie Central High School boys basketball games this season

Principal Chris Walker in the WLBC Zoom Room yesterday.

Where to test, and when.   If you have a non-urgent need to get a COVID test, use one of the many facilities and locations to do so.  It will free up hospitals for urgent care.  IUBMH President Jeff Bird said yesterday, if you need emergency care – COVID or not – they are ready for you

Wednesday, Ball State President Geoff Mearns spoke to Indiana lawmakers

At the end of the interview, he shared news of the BSU cross country team this weekend BSU Pres Geoff Mearns cc CC MAC

An Indianapolis company has come up with a way to kill COVID-19 in buses using a technology that’s been around for over 80 years. Lumin-Air, an HVAC company, has partnered with ultraviolet bulb maker American Ultraviolet, based in Lebanon, for a patent-pending system called Lumin-19.

Earlier this week, state lawmakers had their post-election gathering, and someone asked about the individuals that were seen not wearing masks – Dr. Box looked at the bright side

The next weekly briefing will be Wednesday, at 2:30 p.m., and we will cover on WLBC.

Have you ever considered ringing a bell for the Salvation Army? They need your help, more than ever – and you can SELECT your time, and location to ring.

As we told you first yesterday, Anderson Community Schools have decided to stay virtual next week – a short week, before Thanksgiving break.