Daleville downs Dollar General

The Daleville Town Council turned down a request to declare a section of drive as public right of way during their meeting on Monday.Andrew Rossell of AR Engineering appeared on behalf of Daleville Partners, who is developing the site for a Dollar General store on Indiana 67.Austin Transportation is adjacent to the property being considered for the Dollar General and has a 40-foot-wide easement for a driveway to access its property.The drive will provide access to both the Dollar General and the trucking company.Rossell asked the town to declare the first 80 feet of easement as public right of way. Developers would reconstruct the 80-foot section and pave it with concrete to stand up to the truck traffic. The remainder of the drive would be deeded to the trucking company.Rossell said Dollar General was concerned about the liability of the co-mingling of their customers and truck traffic on their property. Transferring the section of drive to the town and declaring it a public right of way would solve the problem, but would make the town responsible for maintaining it.