Stolen Police Vehicle Involved In Three-County Chase

She was wanted on a felony warrant for resisting law enforcement and on a probation violation for a drug charge. And she wasn’t going quietly. 21-year-old Tori Hostetler of Monrovia was one of the passengers in a stolen vehicle that Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputies pulled over at the Pendleton McDonalds. Hostetler was handcuffed and placed in a deputy’s vehicle. But moments later, she apparently slipped the cuffs and into the driver’s seat of the officer’s Chevy Tahoe and away she went. The three-county chase ended in Henry County, where Tori jumped from the moving vehicle and fled on foot. Despite their efforts, she wasn’t found until the next morning when police received a call from a nearby homeowner who believed that the suspect was on his property. Hostetler is now facing new felony charges at the Henry County jail.