Indiana missed big jackpot but still has Powerball winners

Three Powerball winners will share the record-setting $1.6 billion jackpot, with the winners in California, Tennessee and Florida. Each will decide whether to take a lump sum payment or collect annual payments for 30 years. Another 73 players won a one million dollar jackpot – including Indiana where one was sold in Terre Haute. Another two tickets are worth $100,00, sold in West Lafayette and Zionsville. Fifteen tickets sold in Indiana are worth $50,000, and were sold as close as Richmond. What’s more, the stores will get different amounts for selling the winning tickets. Tennessee’s store gets a check for $25,000, Florida’s store gets $100,000 and California’s 7-11 gets a million dollar bonus. Those amounts are determined by each state’s lottery rules.

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Jan. 14, 2016 12:45 PM CST
by scollins