SEE IT: The Deconstruction of Ball Rec Field Muncie

On our Local News page this morning, see some photos of the deconstruction of Ball Rec Field at MCS Central High School

Dr. Lee Ann Kwiatkowski from last week’s studio appearance on the new WMUN’s Delaware County Today Radio show.  The project should be ready for play this coming Fall.

In his own voice, on Live local Radio  – Yesterday on the new WMUN’s Delaware County Today Radio show, I asked Gov. Eric Holcomb what are his two biggest priorities for the final time he has in the chair

Full interview is on

WLBC News Bits:

Karen Pence, former Second Lady and wife of former Indiana Governor Mike Pence, announced that she has become a grandparent yet again – the third grandchild came just days after their second.

A bank robber in Italy was convicted after police matched his DNA to the teeth knocked out when a van hit the fleeing suspect.

After what was termed in a press release as a successful inaugural year, the Ball State University Foundation today revealed the recipients of the University’s newest “Top 100 Student Awards.”  See the list on the Foundation’s website.

MCS local control??  – More from yesterday’s interview with Gov. Eric Holcomb on the new WMUN’s Delaware County Today Radio show – with the Gary school district seeking to return to an elected school board and leave state control, I wondered if he has yet heard from anyone about doing something similar for Muncie Community Schools

As you recall, the elected board here was replaced with an appointed Board, with Ball State overseeing.

It will be Friday before we know how this works out: the candidacies of four Republicans aiming to be elected to Muncie City Council were challenged Friday.  Delaware County Clerk Rick Spangler told the Star Press he’s out of town this week so will assign someone to take his place on the County Election Board will hear the challenges for the May 2 election.

After seeing a social media post this past weekend, we asked a manager for Take 5 car wash in Muncie – formerly Clearwater car wash.   All monthly passes were migrated over and are honored. Wash cards and gift cards from Clearwater are also good to use.  The only thing that won’t be honored would be the discounts offered on the back of Payless and Ruler Foods receipts because our new system has no way of discounting washes.

Not going down any time soon  – Lawmakers in the Indiana House are uncertain that they will be able to accomplish anything this session when it comes to property tax relief for Hoosiers.  This year property tax values on homes have gone way up thanks to higher home prices in 2021 due to a highly competitive market and low interest rates, according to many leading economists. That’s leaving many Hoosiers on the hook to pay the state a lot more, in some cases more than they can afford.

WLBC News Bits:

Grammy winner Macy Gray worries about backlash to artists who speak out on politics: ‘Can’t say what’s on your mind’.

Researchers (University of Zurich) did a study of chewing gum, and found the estimated number of hours people spend chewing gum each year: 187 trillion.

Muncie is 10th most popular city for young adults, according to Hire a