Gas Down, but Might Go Up Soon

Gas prices have been falling lately, but GasBuddy believes they’re about to go up again.  If you shop around in portions of Indiana this week, you can probably find prices below $3 per gallon.

Some are on the fence about a new ordinance about… fences? Ordinance 1-23, an amendment to the city’s definition of fences, was put on hold until next month, as the term “recycled materials” was deemed too vague.  The Council voted 7 to 2 to table the discussion and send it back for further review.

At this week’s Muncie City Council Meeting, the council approved Ordinance 2-23, which allows the City of Muncie to participate in a settlement by Meijer Incorporated. This settlement is in response to Opioid distribution by Meijer.

A bill that would require schools to have AEDs at the ready during athletic practices and events is advancing in the State Senate.

A study found that a lower income can increase the chances of being attacked by deadly predators in the wild.