GoFundMe Link for a Local Family

Community coming together to help a family  – Supporters of an area family have created a GoFundMe account — https://bit.ly/3HjihnZ — to assist with medical and funeral expenses – here’s the story from last week

What’s the next step for the new Miss BSU, Kalyn Melham

She was on WMUN’s Delaware County Today Radio show last week, and shared what her experience was like last weekend at Ball State

At that pageant, they asked her where she saw herself in 20 years

If she wins Miss Indiana, it’s a December date at Miss America.

WLBC News Bits:

American space legend Buzz Aldrin marries 63-year-old girlfriend on his 93rd birthday.

The Notre Dame men’s basketball coach Mike Brey will step down at the end of the 2022-23 basketball season.

MCS announces the first annual Black History Concert at Northside Middle school on February 10, 2023 at 2 p.m.

It’s not a new law, but people break it all the time – your hands must be free when you drive your car in Indiana, Delaware County Sheriff Tony Skinner

That from Delaware County Today Radio show on WMUN.

Noon this Thursday: the Alexandria-Monroe Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors invites  members to meet us at the Curve in Alexandria. This will be an informal meet and greet lunch – pay your own way, but re-connect with community.

The Indiana Pacers invite fans to celebrate their alumni pride with upcoming University Hat Nights – each ticket gets a co-branded New Era hat featuring fans’ alma mater and the Indiana Pacers.  Ball State University – February 15, Pacers vs. Bulls at 7PM, and Indiana University – April 5, Pacers vs. Knicks at 7PM.