Woof Boom News for Good Friday

Steve Lindell and BSU President Geoffrey S. Mearns are pictured during today's zoom interview.

Steve Lindell and BSU President Geoffrey S. Mearns are pictured during today’s zoom interview.

He had a problem with the paper.  When being interviewed yesterday by Woof Boom Radio News, BSU President Geoffrey Mearns wanted to share a frustration

As you heard, WLBC reported on the bonus, the potential Teacher pay increase, and many other newsworthy items in our newscasts yesterday.

The suspect in the subway shooting that happened in Brooklyn, New York made a stop in Fort Wayne. John Herrick reports.

A kid addressed the MCS Board Meeting this week

EWA is East Washington Academy.  He has his plans set for next school year, too

Mr. Grim is the Principal at Northside.

BSU’s campus is busy with sports:  baseball’s home today to start a weekend series.  Track and Field has a big home event Saturday, and Men’s volleyball is home at 7 p.m.  Notably absent from the official calendar on ballstatesports.com – the Football Spring Game – it’s on at 11 a.m.

As the Indiana State Fair revs up for 2022, it will dedicate the theme for this year’s event to Celebrating Indiana’s Automotive Excellence. The 165th Indiana State Fair will take place Friday, July 29th through Sunday, August 21st.

#1 seeds get to stay HOME to play in the MIVA men’s volleyball tourney, and that’s a good thing – 7 p.m. Saturday, and with wins it’s a Wednesday and Saturday home match, too.

No sample ballots – Beth Sheller, the Hamilton County Election Administrator said they have over 100 versions, and they are not published to a website, so the suggestion is to go to www.indianavoters.com, and there is a place there to look for “Who’s on my Ballot”.  They can also call The Ham County office at 317-776-8476 or email at elections@hamiltoncounty.in.gov and they will email them a sample ballot for their Precinct.

Are vitamins a source of protection?  Recently, we received a press release that stated one of the best ways to prevent contracting the COVID virus is by increasing essential immune-boosting vitamins such as vitamins D and C.  We asked for a local Doc to comment, and IUBMH’s Dr. Ritika Zijoo agreed with the supplement recommendation.  Also suggesting everyone to get vaccinated plus boosters, and saying a well fitted mask should be worn in indoor settings when community transmission level is high, irrespective of vaccination status.

Cornerstone Center for the Arts Muncie, is hosting a celebration of the end of spring classes with a Spring Festival, Sunday, April 24 from 2-5pm featuring dance performances and art demonstrations. Performances will begin at 2:15pm. The celebration is free and open to the public. Masks are recommended, but not required for visitors in attendance.