Friday, Feb. 4, 2022 Woof Boom Radio morning news

The Lt. Gov. of Indiana says there’s a mental health crisis right now

Suzanne Crouch shared yesterday what she’s done

For now, she’s focused on farmers

Tuesday was National Unclaimed Property Day, and you have 25 years in which to claim money once it is reported to the Unclaimed Property Division.  Just supply proof of rightful ownership.  Visit or text CLAIM to 46220 to see if you have any money waiting.

The Indiana Secretary of State Holli Sullivan wants to secure absentee voting

That, from a WLBC interview earlier this week – the state will continue, and consider this item in the second half of the Session.

ATTENTION WLBCLAND NOT-FOR-PROFITS:  our annual grant cycle applications will be accepted soon for the WLBC award-winning Hometown Hero of the Month.  It is designed to give special thanks, and publicity to groups, clubs, organizations that do GOOD in our community and deserve some more attention.  Special consideration is given to non-award-winners of this program to “share the love.”  Listen and watch soon for how to apply.

Help pets find forever homes – that’s the mission of Muncie Animal Care and Services, and Katy Wolfe told us this week they need donations

Bring with, if you’re one of those registered for the microchip event, or bring to the Shelter on Riggin Road across from the Muncie airport.

They don’t close very often.  Rare is the time that Ball State closes the campus

That was President Mearns in our Zoom Room yesterday – Friday, Feb. 4 is the second straight day campus is closed.

The Indiana Department of Health has announced that all state-run COVID-19 testing and vaccination clinics will be closed again Friday due to weather conditions. Individuals with appointments at a state-run site will be notified with instructions to reschedule.

Today is World Cancer Day – to draw attention to widespread inequities in cancer care and work to address them, according to the Union for International Cancer Control.

Is he for, or against legalizing marijuana in Indiana – Gov. Holcomb

Hear the entire conversation on This Weekend in Delaware County on several of our Woof Boom Radio stations.

Ball State men’s basketball is back at Worthen Arena tonight hosting Toledo for the annual #MuncieOut game.   Tickets start at only $5, parking is free and Dollar Dogs.  The Cardinal women are home tomorrow and men’s volleyball’s on the road with BYU – trying to stay undefeated.

Better Business Bureau has been made aware of a scam involving a scammer hijacking your Instagram account.  It all starts by receiving a direct message from what looks like a person whom you follow. They may ask you to take a survey to help with a new job they just got, or they may tell you to “check out this cool video.”  What you may not realize is, your friend’s account has been hacked by a scammer who is looking to hijack your account as well. If you click the link sent by the scammer, you must film a video stating you have invested in some type of cryptocurrency and encourage your followers to do the same.   Be wary of online messages. Contact your friend outside of Instagram, to see if they really sent you the message.