Monday, Jan. 24, 2022 Woof Boom Radio morning news

We may have reached the peak of this peak, but need to wait for weekly word on Wednesday at noon.  Dr. Shaun Grannis, the VP of Data and Analytics at the Regenstrief Institute told Fox 59 there is data to suggest the wave could be nearing a peak, but experts say we shouldn’t let up on all the safety protocols we have heard about for many, many months.

Peter Killeen also had this Friday afternoon

We asked some follow up questions related to that article of Andy Klotz, Chief Communications Officer with MCS – he wrote only six teachers have resigned from Central since the situation, and that includes O’Connor.  Two of these due to family health issues, and the rest are retiring at the end of the school year.   As far as the School Resource Officers, MCS feels “very fortunate to have attracted three new members to the security team who are all retired law enforcement officers with deep ties in the community,” and they work alongside former Sherriff Ray Dudley.  Klotz wrote there were some statements not included in the article – and we’ve shared those on our Local News Page here:

“A lot has been going on since the student assignment incident back in November and there is a lot of positive feedback regarding the changes that have already taken place. There has been a new security team in place and each member is receiving fabulous reviews. We’re very proud of how quickly that team assembled and immediately started building relationships with students and staff.  The school’s Student Advisory Council is working with our staff to improve the feedback loop between students and school administrators. I met with them myself this week and it was a great conversation. They seemed to understand why a review must be thorough and that it can take a little time.   Administrators have been working on a mental health resource guide that will be made available to all students. It’s in the review stage and should be finalized very soon.   Several listening sessions with students have been conducted by professors in Ball State’s Peace & Conflict Studies program. Student participation has been lower than expected, but it seems to be building a little bit and is helpful for those who are there. Rhonda Ward, our director of Diversity, participates in the meetings.   Ms. Ward has also reinstated the Diversity Cats program that began last year. This gives students another opportunity to discuss all kinds of issues among themselves so they can come together to feel supported.”

Last week, we shared news of IU junior Emily Weiss’ retirement from swimming.  SwimSwam magazine revealed that the retirement was due to mental health reasons, something she’s been dealing with for the last two years.  She said she’s received nothing but support from her coaches and teammates.  Weiss has now geared her love of athletics into lifting, and she’s also looking forward to putting more of a focus on her schooling for the next year and a half, which is in the fitness field.

A Wayne county doc says there’s a difference in someone dying with Covid-19 or because of Covid-19.  Either way, it’s counted as a Covid-19 death.  Dr. Thomas Huth was a guest Thursday night on the WCTV’s In-Focus program.  Of the 148 Wayne County residents who have died since the Delta variant last summer, only three were vaccinated and boosted.  Of those three, Dr. Huth says,  “One was a person who actually died of something else, who happened to also be infected with Covid-19…died of heart problems…”  One was a cancer patient on chemotherapy.  The other was a transplant patient.”

Via Credit Union last week celebrated a Half Billion Dollars in assets milestone with staff and board members, according to a post on their social media.

Ball State men’s basketball game at Central Michigan was postponed “due to COVID concerns” – no more specific than that – the plan is for a home game Tuesday.  The women’s team is scheduled for a home game tonight at 6:30 p.m. after a win over the weekend.  And, first year coach Donan Cruz has now won 29 consecutive matches as a head coach of men’s volleyball after sweeping east coast power George Mason, according to a post from Steve Shondell.  Defending National Champion and  #1 ranked Hawaii invade Worthen Arena for the first time in history Saturday night at 7 p.m.

Delaware County Sherriff is hearing about more scams.   Last week on social media they say people claiming they’re from the department are asking for personal information as well as bank account info.  The elderly are usually the targets of this scam – when in doubt, just hang up – and feel free to notify authorities.  When in doubt, if you don’t recognize the number calling you, do not answer and wait for a voicemail to be left to see if it’s someone you know.

Former Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly was confirmed last week as US ambassador to Vatican,  some saying this signals that he might run for political office again – perhaps as soon as 2024.

Newsmax TV live coverage from the former President Trump Arizona rally drew 2.9 million viewers in total audience reach on cable alone, according to Nielsen.  A total of more than 5 million watched it when streaming platforms were included, what the Network called a 40% increase.

The Ball State track and field team had a several personal bests, including top finishes and an event win in their third indoor meet of the season at the Michigan Invitational.  Cardinals host the Ball State Indoor Track & Field and Multi Meet Friday, Jan. 28 at the Field Sports Building.

Part time job alert – helping schools:  DelCom Food Service is hiring! 3 hours, 5.75 hours, and subs. Turn in your application to central office.