Thursday, 4/22/2021 Woof Boom Radio Morning news

COVID progress, as well as some steps backwards  — for WLBC News, I’m Sidny Grow.   Yesterday’s updated COVID map of Indiana shows 46 counties remain in the “blue,” the lowest rating, including Muncie / Delaware county and almost all immediately surrounding – except for Blackford, and nearby Hamilton which are Yellow.  Seven counties in the northern part of the state now back into the “orange,” the 2nd-highest rating for risk of COVID spread. The overall statewide positivity rate is 5.1% — the first time in more than a month that the daily rate has gone down.

Some are saying Plainfield High School is punishing some students with their prom decision.   Virtual learners are not allowed to attend.    We asked Muncie Central about theirs, and there are no restrictions – aside from attendance numbers – for Bearcats to go to the May 22 event at the Muncie Fieldhouse.  The seniors have first crack at the tickets for about a week, then others can buy them – due to limitations of attendance.

The Muncie Sanitary District meeting yesterday was led by Board member Brian Stephens Hoetopp, and he had a solar announcement

The National Day of Prayer is May 6th, and the City of Muncie chose to announce via social media, the 11 a.m. event at Canan Commons.  Thar post created some negative feedback, with Corey Oliver writing, “Your post is an insult to the progress we’ve made as a nation and as a world.”  Mark Brownfield wrote, “An increasing percentage of American society is atheist or non-Christian. Here’s our local government making the dumbest assumption.”  As of yesterday afternoon, no supportive words were posted, but the Facebook “Like” button was clicked by about a dozen or so viewers.

The defending Mid-American Conference champion Ball State football team will take to the Scheumann Stadium turf on May 1 for the Spring Game. The action is set to begin at 11 a.m.  The day will feature individual drills and approximately 45 minutes of competition between the offense and the defense.  Limited general public attendance will be permitted for the event. Fans wishing to attend must reserve their free ticket in advance by clicking the link on our Local News page now. Face coverings will be required.

A new scam targeting Hoosiers who have received their COVID-19 shot.  Some people who’ve received the shot say they are receiving unsolicited texts and emails asking them to complete a survey about the Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca vaccine. In exchange, they’re offered a free product but are asked to pay for shipping and handling.  Instead of sending them a free gift, the scammers bill the victim and never send them anything.

New member of the force in Yorktown – as of earlier this week at the Town Council meeting

Town Manager, Pete Olson from yesterday on WLBC with Steve Lindell.

Case closed.  Justified and reasonable:  that, the finding of the Delaware County Prosecutor’s office, surrounding the March 3, 2021 police action shooting involving two (2) police officers.  You might recall WLBC’s Steve Lindell broadcasting live updates as the chase wound through Muncie and Delaware county.  Prosecutor office says the police officers who shot at Jonathan Levi Allen unquestionably and without a doubt did so in self-defense and in the defense of others. Thus, the shooting was justified and reasonable under the law.  The release continued, “Allen was a menace to society and posed a substantial clear and present danger to the police officers as well as the public at large. This case illustrates that police officers face these dangers each and every day.  Law enforcement officers have the absolute right to defend their own lives, the lives of the citizenry, and go home at the end of their shift. If you choose to pull a deadly weapon on a police officer, you do so at your own peril. But for the bravery of Officer # 4, there is no doubt that innocent civilians and police officers would have been seriously injured if not killed.”

Indiana Pork needs help in their pork tents at the Indiana State Fair this year! Groups that volunteer can earn cash for their group, donate to the Million Meals Program or donate to a charity.   Click the link on our Local News page to sign up.

Spreading across the Midwest and Indiana: an invasive jumping worm…The worms, from Asia, are about eight inches long. They damage gardens and cause soil to look like coffee grounds. When picked up, they thrash and jump around. There’s no known way to get rid of them.


Yesterday, a heartfelt tribute at the Muncie Sanitary District Board meeting

The council paused for a moment of silence shortly after.