Thursday, 10/22/2020 Woof Boom Morning News

Pandemic fatigue — it’s a thing.   Kurt Darling reports that it might be a reason why COVID numbers have not looked good of late

Governor Holcomb announced more efforts related to protecting senior citizens, as 75% COVID fatalities are 70 years of age or older, with most coming from long term care facilities – 58% of deaths coming from these facilities. Another cancellation announced: the tradition of trick or treating at the Governor’s residence will not happen this Halloween.

More from our interview this week with 6th District Congressional Candidate Jeannine Lee Lake.  We talked about COVID19

The entire interview will air on This Week in Delaware County with Steve Lindell this weekend, on several of our Woof Boom stations.

Muncie Streets update.  Mayor Dan Ridenour

And, what about Wheeling Avenue?

Taylor University will host its 24th-Annual Silent Night Game on Friday, November 20 at 6:00 pm inside Odle Arena.  As part of the safety guidelines being implemented to allow for the annual tradition to happen this year, the event will only be open to Taylor undergraduate students.  Small watch parties at locations to be determined on campus for students who do not wish to attend the game.

The American Red Cross is asking healthy donors of all blood types to give blood.  If you’ve received a flu shot, you can give blood. The Red Cross says there is no waiting period to give blood or platelets after receiving a flu shot as long as you’re symptom-free and fever-free.  They’ll email a $5 gift card to those who come in and donate blood before Nov. 11.  Make an appointment at, or calling 1-800-Red Cross.

At least a couple of fast food restaurants are closed this week – with no reason given.  We reached out to the Delaware County Health Department, with no response from the Director.  We also contacted the Media contact phone line for one of the companies, but our message was not replied to – we have heard several unsubstantiated rumors, but will not air that information until from a factual source.  Facts, not Fear.

More of our Meet the Candidate feature, with Democrat Jeannine Lee Lake, running for 6th District Congressional seat.  You’ve no doubt heard or read about the troubling situations she’s been dealing with, and she disclosed during our interview this week, that some help was offered by the State

More now on our series of salutes to the winners of the Chamber awards at last week’s Annual Meeting.  The Excellence in Public Service winner was Jim Williams.  He was thankful for all involved, with the efforts related to Muncie Community Schools