2018 Election Results



US Senate

Mike Braun

Joe Donnelly


US Representative District 5

Susan Brooks

Dee Thornton


US House Representative 6th District

Greg Pence

Jeannine Lee Lake


State Senate District 25

Tim Lanane

Zaki Ali


State Senate District 26

Mike Gaskill

Dave Cravens


State Senate District 31

Kevin Mahon

Lynn Johnson


State Representative District 32

Anthony Cook

Amie Neiling


State Representative District 35

Melanie Wright – D

Ben Fisher – R


State Representative District 36

Terri Jo Austin

Jennifer Culp


Voters were energized in Delaware County for Tuesday’s election. According to the Delaware County Clerk’s Office, voter turnout was 47.82 percent. In the mid-term election in 2014, voter turnout was just 27 percent


In local contests:


Delaware County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Rick Spangler – R

Mike King – D*


DelCo Sheriff

Tony Skinner – R

Ray Dudley – D*


DelCo Coroner

Rick Howell – R

Eric “Rick” Henry – D


DelCo County Commissioner District 3

Shannon Henry – R*

Jason Donati – D

Dave Ring – I


DelCo County Council District 1

Ryan M Ballard – R

Christopher W Matchett – D*


DelCo County Council District 2

Ronald “Ron” B Quakenbush – R*

John M Miller, Jr – D


DelCo County Council District 3

Eugene Whitehead – R

Mary I Chambers – D*


County Council District 4

Jane Lasater – R*

Ryan S Webb – D



Madison County’s voter turnout for yesterday’s election jumped significantly from turnout in the last mid-term election in 2014. More than 44-thousand Madison county voters cast their ballots yesterday out of nearly 91-thousand who registered. While it might be less than half, the turnout this year is much higher than the 2014 mid-terms where only 31 percent voted. This year just over 49 percent of Madison County residents voted.


With one exception, Madison County voted Republican. A near-sweep of Madison County offices includes:

Mad Co Judge of the Circuit Court Division 3

Andrew Hopper – R

Rosemary Khoury – D


Mad Co Clerk of the Circuit Court

Olivia Pratt – R

Lindsey Pancol Madinger – D


Mad Co Recorder

Linda S Smith – R*

Kristy Douglas – D


Mad Co Treasurer

Dan Girt – R

Lisa A Hobbs – D

Richard (Rick) Brown, Jr – L


Mad Co Sheriff

Larry L Crenshaw – R

Scott Mellinger – D*


Mad Co County Commissioner South District

Kelly Gaskill – R

Paul Wilson – D

Steffanie Owens – I*


Mad Co County Council District 1

Jerry Alexander – R

Clayton Whitson – D*


Mad Co County Council District 2

Steve Sumner – R*

Kelle R Humphries – D


Mad Co County Council District 4

Anthony Emery – R*

Kimberly Bell – D



Blackford County

Prosecuting Attorney, 71st Judicial Circuit

Kevin M Basey – R*

Aaron M Henderson – D



Jeffrey C Sones – R*

John M Rains – D



Zach Crouch – R

Nick Parrott – D


County Commissioner District 2

Nick Rhodes – R

Harry Pearson – D*


County Council District 1

Fred Tobey – R*

Alicia Ussery – D


County Council District 2

Dan Borgenheimer – R*

Thomas High – D


County Council District 4

Kyle Lechien – R

Brian Ross – D

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