Attorney General, officer's widow speak about remembering victims

Indiana Attorney General Steven Carter and Molly Winters spoke at City Hall yesterday in an effort to promote the remembrance of victims involved in capital punishment cases.  Both spoke about this Friday’s scheduled execution of Michael Lambert, the man who killed Winters husband Greg almost 17 years ago.  Winters says she will attend the execution, but will not witness Lambert’s death.

Summer Heat festival to feature plenty of entertainment

This year’s summer heat air festival at the Academy of Model Aeronautics will take place this weekend, Friday through Sunday.  Event director Christy Sheridan says there will be plenty of entertainment for all ages to enjoy. Carl Storie will help kick off the festivites around 7:30 p.m. That will be followed by a balloon illume and the Rhythm and Blues band Powerhouse. Other musical entertainment scheduled to perform at this year’s festival include the ETC Band, Flynnville Train and Bethany Road. For a full schedule of this year’s events at Summer Heat visit the Muncie Visitor’s Bureau web-site at

Motorcyclist injured in crash near Selma

One man was reported as being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident at Indiana 32 and County Road 550 East yesterday evening.  Reports say a man who appeared to be around 40-years-old, was thrown about 20 feet from his bike and suffered chest injuries that caused respiratory problems.

Woman hit by train near Yorktown

A young woman was reportedly struck by a locomotive last night near Yorktown.  The accident occurred around 9:30 between County Roads 500 West and Nebo Road.  Initial reports allege the girl was struck in Cammack, authorities said later that she was trapped under the train.  The identity of the victim was not released and she was taken to Ball Memorial Hospital by 10 o’clock.

House votes to ban sale of jet parts to Iran

The House approved a ban that would not allow the Pentagon to sell leftover F-14 fighter jet parts to Iran.  The bill was originally passed as an add-on to military funding legislation, but passed this time as a freestanding bill.  The measure has been nicknamed the “Stop Arming Iran Act” and would be difficult for President Bush to veto.  He has previously called Iran part of an “axis of evil” and says they are funding terrorist, as well as trying to develop nuclear weapons.

Vaccine could possibly be carried by rice

A type of rice that can carry a vaccine for cholera has been developed by a team of Japanese researchers.  It is a possible important development in medically underserved countries that don’t have refrigeration to store regular vaccines.  However, the work has only been tested in mice and is in the preliminary stage.

Former honor's student convicted on reckless homicide charge

A former Gary’s Wirt High School honor’s student was convicted of reckless homicide on Friday.  19-year-old Isaiah Eskew was arrested last year in connection with an argument that led to a shooting at a high school graduation ceremony.  The incident happened after Eskew got into an argument with 21-year-old Tywon Newsome and shot him in the chest and punctured his lung.  Eskew faces a maximum prison term of 11 years on a July 13th sentencing hearing.

IMPD investigates links betwen man and senior citizen beatings

Indianapolis police are investigating possible links between a man who allegedly beat and robbed a 62-year-old woman on Sunday to attacks on older North side residents.  Authorities say 43-year-old Thurman Lee attacked Sandra Dangerfield at her home on North Illinois Street.  They believe Lee has been involved in at least three other home invasion attacks involving senior-citizens in recent months.  He was being held in the Marion County jail without bond on charges of burglary, robbery and criminal confinement.

Madison County man gets maximum sentence for beating-death

A Madison County man was sentenced to 65 years in prison yesterday.  Madison Superior Court 3 Judge Thomas Newman handed out the ruling to 42-year-old Jeffery Miller for the beating-death of 62-year-old Charles Robinette in April of 2006.  Miller was also sentenced to another 20 years on a charge of robbery while armed with a deadly weapon.  Newman ordered that the sentences be served consecutively.