Yorktown votes for funding on sports complex

A $1.9 million bond is likely to fund a sports complex in Yorktown.  The town council voted 4-1 Monday night to fast-track funding for a new park and public works facilities. The possible site would be located on county road 600 west.  Comments from residents supporting the facility encouraged the board to go ahead with the plan. Town manager Tim Kelty made the recommendation to proceed with the bond, despite clerk-treasurer Beth Neff advising the council the town’s debt service would increase to $12.5 million. 

On-line schools could lose funding

Parents and board members of the two possible online charter schools are begging legislators not to back out on funding.  The Indiana virtual charter school and the Indiana connections academy are scheduled to open this fall, with start-up funding in the senate version of the budget.  However, house democrats did not include funding in their budget, saying the schools technically don’t exist.  House democrats feel the on-line schools should not jump the line for funding ahead of bricks-and-mortar schools.

Daughter saves mother, brother from disaster on highway

A former Muncie resident was saved by her daughter when she became ill behind the wheel of her van. Indiana state police say 11-year-old Abigail Parker took control of the vehicle and possibly saved the lives of her mom and her brother.  Senior Trooper Joe Swisher says 36-year-old Deborah Parker suffers from diabetes and was un-aware of her surroundings due to a low blood sugar count.  Police say Abigail believes the vehicle was going close to 80 miles per hour before she was able to take control. 

ACLU files complaint against specialty plate

The Indiana American Civil Liberties Union has filed a complaint against the constitutionality of a specialty license plate. They say the law that created the “In God We Trust” plate, allows supporters preferential treatment that is not available to those with other specialty plates.  Mark Studer of the Indiana ACLU says a fifteen dollar fee does not have to be paid by those who have the plate.  However, the law passed in 2006 distribute the “In God We Trust plate” waives the administrative fee. 

Logistics contract largest ever from Pepsi-Co.

Langham Logistics Inc. has landed the largest contract ever from Pepsi-Co.  Langham sales director Patrick Woods says the contract will handle the national transportation needs of Pepsi, Gatorade and Frito-Lay and is worth six to nine million dollars.  However, the contract will not lead to the creation of more jobs at Langham, due to the company being a non-asset-based logistics company that contracts with other companies for their freight forwarding needs. 

Poaching sting 'nets' 12 in Southern Indiana

Twelve people were arrested in a poaching sting Monday.  The Indiana department of natural resources says an 18-month investigation led to suspects who have been poaching paddlefish in the Ohio River.  Sergeant Dean Shadley says the collecting and selling of the eggs laid by the fish is a huge business.  The eggs, also known as caviar, can be sold for as much as $400 depending on the amount of eggs gathered. 

Teens plead not guilty in Kroger murder

Two teens held in connection to the killing of a Kroger employee in Indianapolis entered not guilty pleas in court on Monday.  Police say 18-year-old David Kist confessed to the murder, however he spoke little on his way to court.  17-year-old Nathaniel Osborne is also being held as an accomplice to Kist’s attempted robbery and murder.  A third teenager in the car at the time of the incident came forward with information leading to Kist and Osborne.  He will not face any charges.  Altogether, the two teens are facing four felony charges, including two counts of murder. 

Three arrested in connection to Crothersville death

Three men were arrested Sunday in connection to the death of man whose body was found in Crothersville.  Police say 19-year-old Garrett Gray and 18-year-old Coleman King will face murder charges. 21-year-old Robert Hendricks is expected to be charged with assisting a criminal.  Police arrested the three after they were interviewed in the Jackson County Jail.

Broad Ripple student shot outside high school

A student at Broad Ripple High School was shot while leaving school Monday afternoon.  18-year-old Brian York was shot in the thigh and was taken to Wishard Hospital.  Police say York had been in a fight with another person near the football field at 61st and Compton streets.  That’s when police say a car pulled up and a person got out and fired at least one shot, striking York in the leg.  22-year-old Marvin Cushingberry was arrested after a short police chase in connection to the shooting. 

Daniels approves weather radio law

A law to require those who live in mobile homes to have weather radios was signed by Governor Mitch Daniels Monday.  The law will take effect after June 30th for those who install mobile homes in Indiana to have special radios to alert people of severe weather.  Kathryn martin of Evansville initiated the bill after her two-year-old son and two other family members died in a tornado that struck a mobile home park in November of 2005.