Schools change emergency plans across state

Colleges and universities across the state are altering their plans for emergencies similar to the Virginia Tech shootings.  Eric Dietz of the State Homeland Security says the schools are ready, but he does anticipate changes to be made based on the lessons learned in Virginia. 

Downtown Anderson buildings to receive facelifts

13 properties in downtown Anderson will receive exterior upgrades this summer.  Mayor Kevin Smith announced yesterday a Downtown Façade Program coordinated by the city’s Community Development office will help fund the projects.  The total investment of the plan is over $325 thousand with the city contributing $138 thousand.   

Queen makes visit to Jamestown for 400th Anniversary

Queen Elizabeth II was in Jamestown, Virginia Thursday for the commemoration of the city’s 400th Anniversary.  She first visited America’s first permanent English settlement in 1957. The Queen says her country has become a much more diverse society in the 50 years since her last visit, as well as the U.S. and Virgina both undergoing a major social change. 

Governor rejects second bill of 2007

A bill to require interior designers to register with the state was vetoed by Governor Daniels Thursday.  Daniels calls the bill “an example of government intrusion into the private martketplace” and issued his second veto of the year.  He believes designers who do poor work are better penalized by negative customer reaction and not a government agency. 

Execution carried out as planned

Clemency was not granted to David Leon Woods.  The 42-year-old convicted killer was executed early this morning for the murder of Juan Placencia in April 1984. Governor Daniels says his decision to deny clemency  was influenced by a parole board’s recommendation against a stay of execution, as well as the wishes of the victim’s family that Wood’s be put to death. 

Former writer, producer charged in wife's murder

Former television writer and producer J.J. Paulsen was officially charged with murder in relation to his wife’s death Thursday. He is accused of beating and killing Leanne Paulsen April 18 at the couple’s home in Carmel.  Paulsen was initially arrested on a probation violation for leaving his 16-month-old son at home alone. 

High school student not allowed to bring female to prom

A Marion High School student in Mishawaka will not be allowed to bring her friend to this year’s school prom.  18-year-old Amanda Howe was told by school officials that she could not bring Justine Werley to the formal event.  The school run by the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend only allows male-female couples to attend the prom and semi-formal dance. 

Police believe car fire was intentional

Police say someone intentionally set fire to a car connected to a robbery in Dayton, Ohio to cover up evidence.  Police found the vehicle burning in an alley on South Pershing Drive Wednesday.  When the license plate number was ran by authorities, they found out the car was a suspect vehicle wanted related to an aggravated robbery case in Dayton.

Employee caught stealing from Maurice's

An employee at Maurice’s clothing store was caught making fraudulent refunds to herself.  21-year-old Ashli Caudill admitted to making refunds totaling nearly one-thousand dollars in a written statement to the store’s Loss Prevention Division. Caudill says she needed the money for personal bills, but did realize she would get caught one day.