Hotel re-opens after 75 year hiatus

The West Baden Springs Hotel accepted their first guest in 75 years Wednesday.  The opening was the culmination of a 382-million dollar project which included the construction of the French Lick Resort Casino and the restoration of the French Lick Springs Hotel.  246 rooms are now offered at the West Baden Springs Hotel with suites, a pool, retail outlets and fine dining.

Month of may drier than usual

May is usually a rainy month in Indiana.  However, rainfall in most of the western and central part of the state is two inches below normal.  This is raising concerns with some farmers.  They say the hay crop has suffered the biggest hit from the dry conditions.  Roger Bailey of the USDA farm service says about two inches of rain is needed over the next two weeks in order to salvage a decent second cutting later in the summer.

Muncie schools honor teacher's 50th year in system

The Muncie Community Schools will hold a reception today from 3:00 to 4:30 to honor Nelle DeLauter’s 50th year with the school system.  She began teaching at Blaine Elementary School on the city’s south side and has been at Sutton Elementary since it opened.  Muncie Mayor Dan Canan will issue a proclamation claiming today as Nelle DeLauter day in honor of her service to the community.  The event will be in the school library and is free to the public.

Federal prisoner accidentally released due to computer error

A federal prisoner was mistakenly released from the Lake County Jail.  A sheriff’s spokesman says a computer glitch was to blame for the accident.  Jose Mendez was released last week after the jail’s computer system crashed.  When the system was restarted, an indication that Mendez should be kept in custody was not reloaded.  Mendez was charged with fraud on a financial institution and identity deception. U.S. Marshal Dave Murtaugh said yesterday Mendez was still at large.

Orangutan escapes cage, scare restaurant visitors

An orangutan escaped from his cage and scared restaurant patrons yesterday.  The animal was from the same Taiwan zoo where a crocodile recently bit off a veterinarian’s arm.  The incident began when the orangutan pushed his way through his cage and wandered in to a nearby restaurant courtyard.  The event was captured by a local cable news station.  Video showed the animal overturning picnic tables and motorcycles.  The orangutan was finally subdued when a zoo official shot him with a stun gun in the upper body.

House approves ban on price gouging

The House approved legislation Wendesday that would outlaw price gouging. The move was in response to the high cost of gasoline at the pump. The bill would penalize individuals or companies for taking “unfair advantage” or charging excessive prices for gasoline and other fuels. 29 states across the country currently have price gouging statutes, however the enforcement of gouging varies widely.

Edwards says war on terror doesn't exist

Democrat John Edwards said yesterday that the notion of a global war on terror is non-existent.  He says it’s an ideological doctrine advanced by the Bush administration that’s strained military resources and emboldened terrorists.  Edwards says America “needs a post-Bush, post-9/11, post-Iraq military” focused on the protection of Americans from 21st-century threats.  He says the U.S. has walked into a trap set by terrorists, saying that we are engaged in some kind of clash of civilizations and a war on Islam.

Premature babies have better survival rate in larger hospitals

A study suggests larger hospitals are better suited to treat extremely premature babies. Those newborns were up to twice as likely to survive when treated at a busy, advanced care center instead of a community hospital that have recently opened intensive care units in recent years.  Lead author of the study Ciaran Phibbs says the most advanced centers that handled the most babies had the best survival records.