Officials from BorgWarner Automotive announced Thursday that the Muncie transfer case plant will close, leaving 780 people out of work. Many factors are playing a part in the closure, including Ford’s economic troubles. The United Auto Workers Local 287 rejected a company request last fall to reopen the collecting bargaining contract and accept some new concessions. That request came only a year-and-a-half after a similar request. Muncie Mayor Dan Canan says the announcement wasn’t a surprise, but it’s still sad. Terry Murphy of the Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce works in economic development. He also says it’s a sad day for the community when a long-term employer shuts down. Warner Gear was formed in Muncie in 1901 and merged with the Borg and Beck companies in 1928 to form BorgWarner.

Woman charged with abusing infant

Fishers police accuse the operator of an unlicensed day care with two counts of battery causing serious bodily injury.  Melanie Ford called the parents of a four-month-old boy and told them they needed to pick him up because he was sick.  The boy’s father immediately took the baby to the hospital when he was unrsponsive.  Doctors determined the baby had a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain and bleeding in his eyes.  Police then questioned Ford and they say she admitted to shaking the baby and then slamming him down, causing him to strike a kitchen floor, when he wouldn’t quit crying.

Man recovers from wound

A Gas City man shot in the back early Wednesday morning in Marion is now in fair condition at a Fort Wayne hospital.  Kyle Wineinger, 22, was at a gathering at 1515 S. Miller Avenue, Lot 25 when a fight broke out.  No arrests have been made in the case.

Plea deal for former officer

A former 25-year veteran of the Alexandria Police Department has entered into a plea agreement on allegations that he tried to seduce a teenager while on duty.  Richard Santos, 55, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of official misconduct.  Two other charges will be dismissed.  Sentencing was left at the discretion of the judge.  Santos will learn his fate at ten a.m. on Monday, February 26.

Animal clinic needs new home

A spay-neuter clinic for animals adopted from the Marion-Grant County Humane Society needs a new home.  The building that was being used was sold, leaving the program without a home.  Officials say they need about 500 to 700 square feet of space.

Another leadership group

The Leadership Academy of Madison County graduated its 25th class Thursday night.  The academy is a leadership seminar that spans nine sessions and 54 hours, beginning in September, with graduation in February.

Two men admit to abduction

Two Illinois men have pleaded guilty to kidnapping a restaurant manager in Champaign, Illinois and then holding him captive in a Portland motel room.  Adrian Lopez, 32, and Terence Merritt, 18, pleaded guilty to federal charges of kidnapping and use of a firearm in a violent crime.  They’ll be sentenced in federal court on March 30.  Lopez was arrested after picking up the ransom in Fort Wayne, while Merritt was arrested in the motel room where Antonio Aguas was being held captive.

Man formally accused

A formal murder charge has been filed against an Anderson man in the shooting death of a teenager late last Sunday night.  Officials say Jerell Owens, 21, shot Damian Hopkins, 18, after a prolonged losing streak during a dice game.  Two other people face a charge of assisting a criminal in the incident.

Trio charged with entering home

Three young Anderson women are under arrest on residential entry charges after police say they were conducting their own investigation into the shooting death of Damian Hopkins last Sunday night.  Diedra Heard, 19, Lareisha Miles, 24, and Latoya Johnson, 21, allegedly barged into an apartment at the Oaks Apartments and said they were there to collect evidence.  It turns out they were in the wrong apartment.  At one point one of the women went to the kitchen and got a knife to cut out a stained section of carpet on the suspicion of it being blood.  It turns out the state was Kool-Aid or grape juice.