Closings for Memorial Day

A reminder for WLBC land listeners, all federal and state offices, as well as city offices in Muncie, Hartford City, Montpelier, Parker City, Dunkirk, New Castle, Portland and Winchester will be closed today.  All County offices and courts in Delaware, Blackford, Henry, Jay and Randolph counties will also be closed.  Financial institutions and post office locations will be closed as well in observance of Memorial Day.

Overturned semi closes Indiana 3

An overturned semi on Indiana State Road 3 South near Shockley road in Monroe Township has closed both southbound lanes.  Traffic was diverted on to Shockley Road.  Northbound lanes were also shut down for a while as crews were trying to get the semi turned over.

President warns about fighting over summer in Iraq

President Bush is warning Americans that there is going to be “heavy fighting” during the summer months as a part of his war strategy.  He said yesterday at the White House the developments would occur once U.S. Military reinforcements are in place in mid-June.  Bush says we must provide our troops with the funds and the resources they need to prevail and that there will be more Iraqi and American casualties.

Lambert will not get parol hearing

Condemned cop killer Michael Lambert won’t get a new parole board hearing before his scheduled execution on June 15th.  The five-member Indiana Parole Board granted a hearing to Lambert in 2005 when he was first scheduled to be executed.  A report says they were about half-way through that hearing when a federal court of appeals issued a stay of execution.

Egyptian man held for trying to take 'snakes on a plane'

You’ve heard of the movie “Snakes on Plane.” Customs officers at the Cairo, Egypt airport on Thursday detained a man heading for Saudi Arabia who tried to smuggle 700 live snakes on a plane.  Yahia Rahim Tulba told officers his carry-on bag contained live snakes after they asked him to open it.  Two poisonous cobras were found in the bag, hidden in small cloth sacks.  Tulba says he was hoping to sell the snakes in Saudi Arabia.

Bank robber changes mind; has teller call police

An alleged bank robber in Texas had second thoughts after demanding money, because he asked the teller to call police.  Authorities say 45-year-old Philip Stuart Martin told police he would be waiting outside on the curb.  When he was arrested, he did not have any weapons on him, nor was he physically or verbally abusive and appeared sober.  Martin was charged with robbery and was held in the Erath County Jail on a 30 thousand dollar bond Thursday.

Study reveals almost 75% of households ban smoking

A study shows that smoking is forbidden in nearly three out of four U.S. households.  That number is up from the 43 percent of homes that prohibited smoking ten years ago.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted the study in 2003.  Utah led the nation with people in nearly nine out of ten homes banning smoking.  Kentucky came in last place, with a little more than half of the households surveyed sending smokers outside.

Woman sues Arkansas amusement park for fall

A woman who fell from a roller coaster in Hot Springs, Arkansas is suing the amusement park and the ride’s importer over injures she suffered last summer.  However, 49-year-old Felicia Robinson of Memphis, Tennessee was described by ride inspectors as too large for a roller coaster.  An Arkansas Department of Labor report from 2006 says a park worker shouldn’t have let Robinson take up two seats on the ride and that the woman fell after her own center of gravity shifted.  Robinson is seeking 16 million dollars in damages from the Magic Springs and Chrystal Falls amusement park.

Minimum wage to go up

The federal minimum wage is going up $2.10.  Congress approved the raise yesterday, marking the first increase in almost a decade.  President Bush was expected to quickly sign the bill.  Workers who are currently making $5.15 per hour will see a pay raise of 70 cents per hour by the end of the summer.  By 2009, all minimum-wage jobs will pay no less than $7.25 per hour.

Congress approves funding for Iraq war without troop pull-out

Congress approved billions of dollars to fund the Iraq war last night, minus a troop withdrawal timeline.  President Bush says the Iraqi government needs to show real progress in return for America’s continued support and sacrifice.  The legislation was sent to the president after an 80-14 Senate vote, less than two hours after the measure cleared the House.