Alexandria woman in critical condition after crash on Ind. 28

A one-car crash on Indiana 28 Saturday resulted in an Alexandria woman being LifeLined to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.  Authorities say 23-year-old Lindsay Powers was eastbound when her car left the road, hit a utility pole and rolled before coming to rest on its roof.  Madison County Sheriff Ron Richardson said Powers was listed in critical condition by hospital officials at Methodist.

Muncie man gets 25-years for second cocaine conviction

A Muncie man was sentenced to 25-years in prison after he was convicted of a cocaine-related charge for the second time this decade.  26-year-old Daniel Lamar Fisher was found guilty by a Delaware Circuit Court three jury earlier this month and was sentenced by Judge Robert Barnet, Jr. last week.  Fisher was arrested last February after he led police on a chase on the city’s southeast side.

Minimum wage increases $.70 tomorrow

The federal minimum wage is set to jump tomorrow to $5.85 per hour.  Earlier this year, lawmakers approved the first increase in ten years.  Those earning minimum wage will get another 70-cent increase next summer and by 2009, the rate will be $7.25 per hour.

Cheney turns command back over to Bush

After a brief stint as Commander in Chief over the weekend, Vice President Dick Cheney handed the post back over to President Bush.  The president was out of power for two hours and five minutes as he underwent a colonoscopy to remove some spots on his colon.  Bush invoked the presidential disability clause under the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, giving Cheney command of the country for a short time.

Appeals court upholds 120-year sentence of 1986 murder

A Muncie man convicted of murdering his girlfriend and her mother in 1986 will have to serve out his 120-year sentence.  42-year-old James Campbell had his appeal turned down by an Appellate Court last week.  The three-member panel rejected his arguments that too much consideration was given to aggravating factors, including a defense that the crimes were committed in the heat of passion.

Jay County holds public hearing on smoking ban

Non-smokers were outnumbered three-to-one at a public hearing last night on a possible smoking ban in Jay County.  Several bar and restaurant owners were among the crowd and they say that they have a right to run their businesses the way they want to.  Commissioner president Milo Miller, Jr. said the hearing was strictly meant for information gathering on the issue.

Gaston man killed in roll-over accident

A roll-over accident late last night killed one and injured another.  Authorities say the accident occurred around 9:30 on North Delaware County Road 700 West.  32-year-old Bryan Richards of Gaston was killed after he and 17-year-old Britni Wihebrink of Anderson were ejected from the car they were driving.  Indiana State Police say the girl lost control of the vehicle and left the side of the road and rolled over in a corn field.

MPD officer drove patrol car on suspended license

A Muncie police officer who allegedly drove his patrol car on duty while his license was suspended will not be punished more than 10 days without pay.  Shane Finnegan’s license was suspended in June in connection to a drunk driving arrest on May 13th.  Shift rosters from the Muncie Police Department indicate that Finnegan was driving during his midnight shift as recently as July 12th.

Health care plan for low-income children launched

Health insurance for children? That’s what state education and health care officials are wanting as they launched a campaign to give more low-income Hoosier children with low-cost or even free health insurance.  Roughly 70 thousand children get health care under the State Children’s Health Insurance program, however over 97-thousand whose families qualify for the program are still uninsured.