200 plus inmates transferred to other prisions

In the wake of Tuesday’s riot at the New Castle Correctional facility, more than 200 inmates from Aizona and Indiana were sent to other prisons across the state. 69 of the inmates from arizona were sent to the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility south of Terre Haute.  123 Indiana inmates were moved to the Reception and Diagnostic Center in Plainfield.  Authorities say the inmates who were transferred were among those who did not cooperate with prison staffers during the riot.  

Sewer project in Muncie underway

Work on a five million dollar sewer project in Muncie has begun.  The Muncie sanitary district held a public hearing yesterday to discuss the bond issued to finance the project.  Twelve projects around the city will be added to help reduce flooding in an area on Muncie’s south east side.

Indiana State Police officers honored in ceremony

More than 100 state police officers received awards in a ceremony yesterday for dedication, bravery and devotion to the department and the citizens of Indiana.  Indiana state police superintendent Paul Whitesell says he felt the need to honor the achievements and deeds of self-sacrifice of officers that go without proper recognition.   Among the awards given were those for meritorious service, combat action and life awards for impaired driving enforcement.

Indianapolis man ruled 'competent' to stand trial for shooting

An Indianapolis man who police say shot four co-workers in January was ruled competent to stand trail.  24-year-old Jason Burnam allegedly opened fire at the crossroads industrial services on January 11th, injuring four people.  Burnam is charged with four counts of aggravated batter, as well as a felony and misdemeanor charge.  Police say he shot the workers because he was teased about his weight.  Burnam is being held in the Marion county jail on a $100 thousand bond.

Legislators to get 75 percent pay raise

Indiana lawmakers will be getting a pay raise of almost 75 percent.  Governor Mitch Daniels says he intended to sign a bill yesterday to give lawmakers a pay raise for the first time in 22 years.  The increase would raise a legislator’s base pay from $11,600 per year to $20, 700.  Automatic pay raises are also included in the plan, based on the amount of raises that state employees receive.

Indy concert venue adds stage, seating for summer line-up

A new stage and seating for premium ticket buyers are being added at an Indianapolis concert venue.  The Lawn at White River state park is hoping to raise its profile by adding a 60-foot by 63-foot seasonal stage to be used through august.  800 reserved seats will be added to the nearest part of the stage, and 240 seats on a tiered structure will be built in the center of the facility. Park officials say the stage should be complete later this week.

Property owners face big tax increases this summer

Property owners should expect to see an average tax increase of almost 24 percent this summer.  Lawmakers and experts had originally estimated property tax bills to rise only 15 percent. However, those numbers have changed based on updated assessed value information from one-third of Indiana’s 92 counties.  Republican representative Jeffery Espich says he hopes the General Assembly can resolve the property tax situation before the session ends this Sunday.

Upland firefighter's death ruled accidental

A fire that claimed the life of an Upland Volunteer Firefighter has been ruled accidental by the State Fire Marshal’s office. 52-year-old Sidney Hall died on January 5th from asphyxiation after he fell through a floor in the home of a Marion firefighter two days earlier.  Reports indicate Hall was trapped for at least 20 minutes before he was rescued.  An investigation by the State Fire Marshal’s office showed now indication that Hall’s equipment failed in any way during the fire.