Iran, U.S. end 27-year drought between talks

A 27-year diplomatic freeze between Iran and the United States was broken yesterday during a four-hour meeting about security in Iraq.  The American envoy says a broad policy was made, however, Iran has to stop arming and financing militants that are attacking both U.S. and Iraqi Forces.  The meeting took place in the Green Zone offices of the Iraqi Prime minister.  It was the first time since 1979 that Iran and the U.S. government officials from both countries had met.

IMPD motorcycle officers recovering after being hit by motorists

Two Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officers are recovering from minor injuries suffered while working at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway over the weekend.  The two were motorcycle officers who were hit by motorists.  Authorities say about 70 people were arrested as they went to and from the track.  Most of those arrested were involved with public intoxication.

Two-track strategy planned by U.S. with Iran

The United States is planning a two-track strategy with Iran.  The proposal shows the high stakes of any engagement with a nation that President Bush says is funding terrorism and is secretly building a nuclear bomb.  Talks today in Baghdad are one element of the plan, solely aimed at covering Iraq with U.S. and Iranian ambassadors.  The other part of the strategy is the U.S. Navy’s exercises in the Persian Gulf combined with a talk from Bush about new U.N. penalties against Tehran.

U.S. troops rescue 42 Iraqi captives

42 kidnapped Iraqis were rescued by American forces on Sunday.  The U.S. Military says the captives were freed during a raid on an al-Qaida hideout north of Baghdad. They say some of the victims were hung from ceilings and tortured for months.  Military officials are saying the operation shows that Iraqi residents in the Divala province are turning against Sunni insurgents and are beginning to trust U.S. troops.

Rifles stolen from Eaton Legion over weekend

Several rifles were stolen from the Eaton American Legion Post 90 on Saturday.  The theft forced members of the legion to do their Memorial Day service yesterday without the traditional 21-gun salute.  Post officials say there were signs of forced entry into the place where the rifles were stored.

Shoe department gets own zip code

Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City says their shoe department is so big that they need their own zip code.  The store in Manhattan is moving to an 85-hundred square foot space on the eighth floor in August.  Customers will then be able to send mail to 10022-SHOE.  The USPS worked with the retailer on the new zip code, but says the last four numbers aren’t necessary when mailing something.  However, in this case, those four numbers are specialized for the shoe department itself.

CDC issues warning on contact lens cleaning solution

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is warning those who wear contact lenses to be cautious of a cleaning solution that is linked to a rare eye infection.  They say the Advanced Medical Optics Incorporated product Complete Moisture Plus Multi-Purpose Solution used for cleaning and storing soft contact lenses is connected to a series of cases that can lead to permanent vision loss or blindness.  The company issued a statement Friday night that they were immediately and voluntarily recalling the solution.

Marion police looking for hit-and-run suspects

Police in Marion are searching for suspects involved in a Saturday morning hit-and-run accident.  A man riding a bicycle was left in critical condition in Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne.  A witness says he saw the man riding the bike turn down an alley and then heard a loud noise.  Police say he saw the victim, Jesus Velosquez, on top of a Cadillac El Dorado and was pushed off the hood of the car by a passenger. Authorities believe the car had a Michigan license plate and should have damage to the driver’s side of the windshield. Anyone with information on the car is asked to call the Marion Police Department at 662-9981.

More U.S. soldiers killed in Sunni dominated area

Eight more U.S. troops were killed in Iraq over the weekend on Saturday in an area heavily dominated by Sunnis.  The province of Anbar has once been the site of some of the fiercest fighting in the country.  However, the area has been calmer in recent months thanks to a new alliance between Sunni tribal leaders, the Iraqi government and U.S. led forces.

Bush signs war funding bill

President Bush signed the Iraq war funding bill passed by Congress late last week.  Bush approved  the measure to provide funding for military operations in Iraq through the fall.  Florida Republican Debbie Wasserman-Schultz says GOP members feel like they’ve moved an iceberg one inch, a reflection of the struggles with Democrats in Congress who were trying to include a troop withdrawal with the bill.