Anderson University fundraiser well on the way to $110M goal

Anderson University recently announced they have reached 72 million dollars of their 110 million dollar goal of the Dreams Discovery Direction Campaign.  The fundraiser was officially launched in October of last year.  Communications Director Chris Williams says money from the fundraiser will go towards various projects around the Anderson University campus.

Indy mayor Peterson wants to rid city of pit-bulls

Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson is looking to ban Pit-Bulls entirely from the city.  He says he doesn’t want anything to do with the breed.  The proposal was made after a three-year-old was mauled in the face last week by a pit bull, and a man was attacked by two stray pit-bulls in his own back yard.

Franklin church business manager arrested

A former business manager accused of stealing money at a Franklin church has bonded out of jail.  70-year-old Dona Mann allegedly took over 100 thousand dollars from the Grace United Methodist church.  Investigators say she was in charge of the church’s payroll and that she admitted to taking the money to pay for clothing, a relative’s dental work and other personal bills.

$2.9 trillion budget proposed by Senate Democrats

A 2.9 trillion dollar budget outline was made by Democrats on Wednesday, likely ensuring a confrontation with President Bush over spending costs for education and other domestic programs.  The plan promises a budget surplus within five years, but that will only happen if Democrats allow some of the president’s tax cuts to expire.

Democrats hope to stop Iraq war funding doesn't advance

Senate Democrats failed to cut off funding for the Iraq war yesterday.  A 67 to 29 vote against the measure left Democrats far short of the 60 they need to advance the bill.  The lopsided bipartisan vote covered up the growing impatience within both political parties on President Bush’s handling of the four-year conflict.

Chrysler stands in the way of transmission plant near Tipton

Governor Daniels ended a long meeting with executives from Getrag Transmission Tuesday.  He says Chrysler is the only major hurdle standing in the way of landing a new plant near Tipton.  Cerebus Capital Management bought Daimler-Chrysler for 7.4 billion dollars earlier this week and will have the final decision on whether or not to move forward with the project.

Man arrested trying to abduct 17-year-old

Police have arrested a man for attacking a 17-year-old girl from the Youth Services Bureau. They say 50-year-old John Galbreath grabbed the girl by her arm and tried to drag her after she declined his offer to smoke marijuana and drink gin with him.  Authorities say the girl was able to break free from the man and take his ID cards during the struggle.  Galbreath was arrested at his home on charges of battery and criminal confinement.