Shooter bought clips for guns on E-bay

Ammo clips used by Seung-Hui Cho in last Monday’s massacre at Virginia Tech were bought on E-bay.  Investigators obtained a warrant to search Cho’s e-mail accounts, including an account he used to confirm purchases on E-bay.  Hani Durzy of E-bay says the purchases of the clips were legal and that the company has cooperated with authorities.

Master Plan aimed at improving Prairie Creek Reservoir

A nine member planning commission will review a master plan to make prairie creek better.  The master plan includes having the city of Muncie extend their lease with Indiana-American Water company, develop walking and biking trails around the reservoir, and improving the promotion of the reservoir as a visitor destination.  If the planning commission approves the proposal, it would then be up to the city council and county commissioners to adopt the plan.

First contract approved for IMPD

Employees of the Indianapolis metropolitan police department have received approval on their first contract.  The historic deal is the first to receive approval by officers since the merger with Indianapolis and Marion County Police.  The contract is also the first to be issued for active and retired F-O-P members.  The deal includes a raise for officers in 2008 and a spike in longevity pay.

German company expected to build $560 million plant

A new transmission factory may be going up in an empty Tipton county cornfield.  The German owned Getrag Corporation is expected to make an official announcement on a possible $560 million plant, which would employ as many as 12-hundred workers.  The transmissions built at the plant would supply Daimler-Chrysler.

Body found under Indianapolis interstate bridge

The death of a man found dead underneath an Indianapolis interstate has yet to be determined by the Marion County Coroner’s office.  Investigators say the body was found by another man who was walking underneath the bridge.  Authorities believe the body could have been at the location for some time, due to advanced decomposed tissue. The man is believed to have been homeless

Aiport Authority changes cause political battles

The expansion of the Delaware County Airport Authority and appointment of a Democrat to the vacancy created by the expansion has the lone Republican County Commissioner accusing his Democrat counterparts of playing politics. Democrat Commissioners John Brooke and Larry Bledsoe on Monday added a fifth seat to the Airport Authority, and appointed local union agent Joe Evans to the seat. Commissioner Tom Bennington opposed the move. The Democrat Commissioners point to new state law and the need for a tiebreaking vote on the Airport Authority in defending their decision.

Automotive dealership shake-up

Shake-ups continue in the line-up of local car dealerships. Days after the groundbreaking of the new Toyota of Muncie location west of town, the Stoops Automotive Group has announced that it will no longer sell Nissan models. The decision mirrors a national trend and the will of General Motors to not have non-GM cars sold at affiliated dealerships. Stoops will continue to sell Buick, Pontiac and GMC vehicles. The Nissan affiliation will continue with Muncie, with Steve Schwartz opening a new dealership at the former site of Pep Boys on McGalliard Road. Stoops also formerly dealt Toyota models, before selling off that unit to the soon to be moving Toyota of Muncie.

Robbery attempt investigated

Police are today investigating a late Thursday afternoon attempted robbery. A white male attempted to rob an East Jackson St. Village Pantry in Muncie around 5 PM yesterday. After a clerk refused on a demand for money, she was threatened by the suspect, but again refused, leading the suspect to leave the property.

Woman accepts plea agreement in neglect case

A woman who allegedly did nothing to prevent the battering of her daughter at the hands of her husband has pleaded guilty to neglect charges. Thurma Conwell entered the plea in Delaware Circuit Court 4, as part of an agreement that will limit her sentence to no more that 10 years. Conwell was arrested with her husband, Aaron Conwell, in 2005 after a Child Protective Services investigation. The plea agreement has been taken under consideration, with a formal sentencing hearing set for May 30th.

Governor asks for statewide unity and support

As part of a nationwide moment to honor Virginia Tech shooting victims, Governor Mitch Daniels is asking all Hoosiers to ring bells at noon today. The Governor, along with all state executives across the nation, received letters on Wednesday from Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, asking for US citizens to unite to honor victims and to support survivors from the shooting massacre earlier this week.