Metal Stolen from Lapel Schools Project

Metal taken from the Lapel High School construction project has resulted in the jailing of an Anderson man. Kristopher Kulenski was arrested Saturday night, after a wrecking company became suspicious at the new-looking metal Kulenski sold to them. Officials of the Gardner Wrecking Company reported the sale to police and gave them contact information for Kulenski.

Anderson Man Arrested After Police Pursuit and Battery

An Anderson man is under arrest for pushing a woman’s head against the ground and then hitting a police officer with a tree limb during a subequent pursuit. Kyle Short was under arrest Saturday night on charges of domestic battery, resisting arrest, and battery with a deadly weapon. Police had to use pepper spray to subdue Short for arrest.

Many Offices Will be Open on Election Day

Even though it’s election day tomorrow, both federal and state offices will be open on regular schedules. Most county and city offices will be closed. Banks will all be in normal operation. License branches normally closed on Monday will be open today from 8:30-5 today and tomorrow from 6 a.m. to 7, for the purpose of issuing state ID cards needed for voting — for citizens without driver’s licenses. Mail delivery will continue as normal.

Five Injured in Muncie Crash Into Building Friday

Five people were injured, including at least one serious injury in a crash just after 11 a.m. today. It happened at a store and postal substation and Wheeling and Riggin Road. The building was previously a branch of Old National Bank. A car driven by an elderly man crashed through the structure when he apparently confused the gas pedal and the brakes. Numerous ambulances and Muncie Fire Rescue were sent to the scene.

Prisoner Threatens Madison County Judges

A former Muncie man has written a threatening letter, saying he will escape prison and kill every Madison Superior Court judge. Walter Murphy sent the letter which was received yesterday. He is currently being help in a maxium security prison and is scheduled for release in 2036. Serveral judges are named as targets.

Anderson Now Has Marsh Hometown Markets

Marsh Hometown Markets have arrived in Anderson. There was a ribbon cutting Thursday at the newly renamed and remodeled store on Boadway. Mayor Kevin Smith cut the ribbon and other dignataries were on hand, including Marsh CEO and President Frank Lazaran. Recently, the Muncie stores were also converted to the “Hometown Market” brands.

Muncie Man Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A Muncie man is being sued for wrongful death in the death of a Selma pedestrian he allegedly stuck with his car. Gary L. Smith is named in the lawsuit for causing the death of James Burton of Parker City. He was struck by a car on August 25th, and Smith left the scene of the accident. Evidence linking Smith’s vehicle to Burton was found on Smith’s van.

Snakes on City Bus Lead to Arrest

Having snakes on a city bus led to the arrest of a Muncie man on Thursday. Dustin Draper picked up a box containing the snakes at a post office yesterday. When he arrived home from the bus ride, the was arrested by county police and conservation officers. He is a known broker of snakes and has been arrested previously on similar charges.