Health Programs Begin in Anderson and Chesterfield This Week

CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement Project) and Healthy Beginnings programs will begin in Anderson and Chesterfield this week. Both programs have shown results with reduction and reversal of health conditions including cancer, obesity, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis and more. Worldwide success in battling these ailments has been found by applying the program’s simple lifestyle adjustments.

New Castle Murder Trial Re-Scheduled

The murder trial of a New Castle man charged with killing his wife has been rescheduled until March 10th. Charles J. Bice is charged in the April 22, 2007. His wife, Nancy, had filed several protective orders before her death but later asked that they be withdrawn.

Yorktown May Offer Tax Break for New Houses

Anyone building a new home would receive a property tax break under a plan being considered by Yorktown Town Council. The incentive would boost residential construction, an important part of Yorktown’s economy that has declined in recent years, according to Council President Steve Lowry. The abatement plan has not been drafted, but would likely involve either a three- or five-year residential tax abatement, Lowry said.

Portland Business Owners Face Gambling Charges

The co-owners of a Portland plumbing business face felony gambling-related charges. Karen J. Johnson and her son-in-law, Brian D. Aker, both of Portland, are charged in Jay Superior Court with promoting professional gambling, a class D felony carrying a standard 18-month jail term. Indiana Gaming Commission investigators raided Aker-Taylor Plumbing, 206 W. Main St., on Dec. 11 and reported finding four electronic gambling machines and one pull-tab device.

New Castle Jury Unable to Reach Decision

A Henry Superior Court 1 jury was unable to reach a verdict Thursday in the case of a New Castle man charged with dealing in cocaine. The jury did find Kenneth D. Murphy, guilty of visiting a common nuisance. Judge Michael Peyton declared a mistrial on the cocaine charge, a class A felony carrying a standard 10-year prison term. Murphy had been accused of participating in a cocaine transaction in July 2006.He is scheduled to stand trial March 12 in Henry Superior Court 2 on a charge of possession of a controlled substance, a Class D felony with a standard 18-month sentence.

Anderson Promotional Company Gets City Loan

An Anderson-based company will double its size and revenue after it receives money from the city’s revolving loan fund. ESC Promotions, located at 928 Meridian St. in downtown Anderson, applied for up to $150,000 from the revolving loan fund board. The loan will be used to acquire Corporate Apparel Unlimited of Luxemburg, Wis. ESC Promotions is one of the nation’s leading companies that prints plastic fundraising cards, CEO Chad Wolfe said.

Anderson Woman Victim of Attempted Scam

An Anderson senior citizen says she was overjoyed when a caller told her the government owed her about $500.  But then the caller asked for her bank account number to deposit the money.  She was was the target of one of many scams designed to get people’s personal information, such as Social Security, bank account and credit card numbers. Criminals use this information to withdraw money from their victims’ bank accounts or to establish fraudulent credit.

Bill Authored by Rep. Terri Austin Advances

By a vote of 90-7, members of the Indiana House Thursday overwhelmingly supported state Rep. Terri Austin on House Bill 1245, legislation that encompasses various provisions to bring mass transit to Indiana. The legislation establishes transit development districts, a popular concept in other states but a first for Indiana. It would allow cities, counties or towns who are members of a regional transportation authority, or RTA, to designate selected areas or thoroughfares as “transit development districts.” They could then capture a portion of the sales tax that occurs within the designated