Jay County Student Arrested on Drug Charges

A Jay County student is in trouble for allegedly selling prescription medication to officers from the Tri-County drug task force. Miranda Peterson of Dunkirk was arrested and has been charge with three counts of dealing in a controlled substance. The charge carries a 30 year prison term. She was charged with selling the meds three times in August. A court hearing is scheduled for January 3rd.

Henry County Brothers Racking Up Crime Listing

Two Henry County brothers are racking up quite a list of criminal charges. Michael Dewayne Bertram and Aaron Lee Bertram from Shirley were most recent arrested at a construction site where they were stealing copper tubing. Other charges have included burglary and more than a dozen other criminal charges in Henry County’s court systems.

Wind Farms Come Under Scrutiny

“Wind farms” are an alternative power souce, but they have their downside. For one, they are tall structures well over 200 feet tall, and some considerly them unsightly. There is also the possibility of bird kills, resulting from the turbine blades. The wind farms were discussed at a recent meeting in Randolph County, where the possibility is being considered. Some farmers have already signed contracts to lease part of their land to the energy producing farms

State Opens Website and Hotline for Mortagage Problems

State officials have launched a Web site and a telephone hotline to help Hoosiers who’ve fallen behind on their mortgage payments to avoid losing their homes. The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority is also targeting Hoosiers facing foreclosure with a public awareness campaign called, “Don’t Let the Walls Foreclose in on You.” A study by the Mortgage Bankers Association found that 2.98 percent of all loans in Indiana are in foreclosure, compared with 1.28 percent nationally. To help financially troubled homeowners, brochures and posters are being distributed urging Hoosiers to call the state’s help line – 877-GET-HOPE – for free mortgage foreclosure counseling, or to visit its Web site, www.877gethope.org.

Anderson Church Damaged by Fire

Anderson’s Victory Through Truth Ministries church was damaged by fire Sunday afternoon. It’s not known if the fire were accidental or caused by lightning and storms in Most of the fire damage was in the church’s attic, according to the Anderson Fire Department.

Anderson Old Navy Employee Arrested for Theft

An employee at Anderson’s Old Navy store has been arrested for theft. Rebecca Ann Jones was charged with stealing about $1,600 by doing fradulent returns of stolen merchandise to the store. She is accused of ringing up merchandise for customers and keeping the receipts. The next day she would use the receipts to return unpurchased merchandise and then pocket the money, according to police.

Mansfield Topped McShurely by 700 Absentee Votes

Election statistics being analyzed indicate that Democrat Jim Mansfield earned over 700 more absentee votes than did Republican challenger Sharon McShurely. In Delaware County, historically absentee ballots have been predominately Democratic. About 29 percent of the vote for Mansfield was by absentee ballot, while McShurely got about 12 percent.

Muncie Northside Students Injured in School Bus Crash

Five Muncie Northside students were injured in an accident while on a school bus headed home from school. The accident was caused by a driver who was using and dropped his cell phone. All but one of the students were treated and released at Ball Hospital, and one remained for observation. The bus driver, Storm Russell, was also slightly injured. A vehicle driven by Albert Blair of Milton, Indiana crashed into the bus on East Centennial Avenue.

Anderson City Council Passes Business Ordinances

The Anderson City Council reviewed and passed two ordinances last night. They affect businesses which serve alcoholic beverages or which sell adult oriented products. Any new bar or tavern must be built on land covering at least 25,000 square feet. Some council members thought the space requirement was excessive and would hurt small businesses. It was the third reading for the ordinances.