Video game leads to real life violence

The simulated world of video games has lead to real violence and the arrest of a Muncie man. Robert Grow was arrested early Wednesday in the Hickory Haven Mobile Home Park after allegedly punching Lena Robinson in the face. The altercation reportedly stemmed from Robinson’s consoling of Grow’s son after an argument between Grow and Robinson’s boyfriend over a video game. After the arrest, Grow’s son and an 8-year old daughter were taken into custody of Child Protective Services and were later released to the care of their grandmother.

Local speller drops out of national bee

East Central Indiana’s representative in the Scripps National Spelling Bee lasted two rounds, but didn’t have a competitive score for the third round of competition. Star Press Regional Spelling Bee champion and Wilson Middle School eight-grader Lindsay Templeton successfully spelled her second round word, “defendant” in the oral competition, but hadn’t scored enough points in the earlier written round to continue in the competition. Although no longer continuing to spell, Lindsay and her mother will be able to enjoy an expenses paid trip to Washington DC. The spelling bee’s final rounds will continue today and can been viewed on TV. The semifinals air 10 a.m.-1 p.m. on ESPN, and the finals will run in primetime, 8-10 p.m. on ABC.

With the pending completion of the new multimillion dollar Nestlé beverage facility in Anderson drawing near, the company will be hosting special informational sessions on jobs. Discussion from Nestlé employees and representatives about the hiring process, benefits and what it’s like to work for Nestlé are on the agenda for half-hour sessions that will be repeated hourly on June 8th and 9th at the Wigwam. The overview and expectation setting sessions will be conducted by facilities manager Michael Strong, and will run from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday the 8th, and from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday the 9th.

Leaders ask "Why Elwood?"

City officials and leaders in Elwood are embarking on a new economic development campaign and are soliciting the help of residents. The theme of the marketing effort is the question: Why Elwood? The Chamber of Commerce roundtable is asking for candid input from citizens about the positives and negatives of their community. The goal of the effort is to balance the negative thoughts and perceptions often uttered by citizens concerned with taxes and job loss with the positives that the small community can offer. The next phase of the effort will be to take the positives gathered to shape a potential future marketing campaign to outside communities.

Recount hearing postponed

A hearing on an Anderson City Council election recount has been postponed until next week. Judge Fredrick Spencer of the Madison County Circuit Court moved the hearing from its scheduled 3 PM Wednesday time to next Tuesday at 10 AM after Antony Bibbs, former candidate and recount petitioner, obtained legal counsel. Bibbs will now be represented by Indianapolis attorney Mark King.

Healthy lifestyles on display at regional fair

The Living Lightly Fair is this weekend at the Delaware County Fairgrounds. The fair will focus on healthy lifestyle choices and the impact not just on health, but also on the environment and finances. Although occurring in Muncie, the fair is being ran as a regional event, and will have input and involvement from area speakers, including a roundtable discussion on green developments to be led by Anderson City Planner Jim Haberek. The fair runs Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Rush hour fire in Indy

A gas-station fire rerouted traffic on a busy Indianapolis road late Wednesday afternoon. A car caught fire near 62nd Street and Allisonville Road on the northeast side of the city around 6:30 PM. Authorities blocked and redirected traffic around the fire site during the busy rush hour commute. Gas station officials were able to stabilize the situation by shutting off gasoline pumps, limiting the fire’s ability to spread.

Ivy Tech: fees up, but more transfer options

Students will see a larger tuition bill this fall at Ivy Tech. The Trustees there approved a 3.9 percent increase to annual tuition which will be phased in over the next two years. The move follows similar tuition increases at Indiana, Purdue and Ball State Universities. The Ivy Tech increases will be used to add faculty, control health insurance costs and improve technology. It’s not all bad news for Ivy Tech students; however, as the Community College and Indiana University also announced an agreement that will allow additional Ivy Tech courses to be used as transfer credit within the IU system.

Knozone Action Day Today

Indianapolis has announced a Knozone Action Day for today. Knozone is a voluntary program in Marion County meant to educate and help decrease impact of pollution. High heat and the volume of fine particulates in the air contribute to summer time air pollution, leading to the issuance of Knozone action days. Although targeted at Indianapolis, following Knozone guidelines can have impact throughout the region. Some guidelines including avoiding unneeded idling in your car, avoiding burning wood or yard debris, energy conservation and using carpools or public transportation.

Dana workers: no strike yet

Although a deadline has passed for Dana Corporation management and union leaders for a new agreement, local union leaders have committed to continue work and not to strike. A bankruptcy judge in New York is weighing a plan from Dana to cancel labor contracts. United Steelworkers have countered with promises of a work stoppage if the contracts are cancelled. Local leaders echo that pledge, however in doing so also have committed to continue working until the official court decision is announced. As another part of the bankruptcy proceedings, Dana will reacquire two of its plants previously sold to a finance subsidiary.