House and Senate face busy week as General Aseembly draws to close

The Indiana House and Senate will have a busy week this week, trying to complete several bills before the General Assembly ends later this month.  Several key issues have yet to be resolved, including a new state budget, property tax relief and health coverage for uninsured Hoosiers.  Tuesday is the last day for the House to vote on Senate bills passed, while Wednesday is the last day for the Senate to vote on House bills.  Lawmakers will then try to make final versions of the bill complete before the session ends on April 29.

Ivy Tech violates open door law, according to counselor

Ivy Tech Community College’s Board is being accused of violating Indiana’s open door law.  Indiana Public Access Counselor Karen Davis says the board that oversees Ivy Tech was not able to take action during a private executive session and that the board took two votes in determining a new president.  However, Ivy Tech is disagreeing with Davis’ interpretation of the meeting and that they did not take action on the selection of a new president during a recent executive session.

More job cuts to take place in ECI

145 jobs will be cut by Metaldyne auto parts factory in New Castle this July.  The decision comes after two contracts with Daimler Chrysler AG end this summer.  The factory produces ball joints, steering knuckles and other suspension and chassis parts.  Metaldyne also makes parts for Ford and Toyota motor companies.  Plant spokeswoman Marge Sorge says other companies are experiencing similar situations as the ‘big three’ automakers are going through a time of transition.

Henry County man faces abuse charges

A Henry County man is facing charges in relation to the abuse of a 9-year-old girl.  37-year-old David Rhodus is accused of choking a girl and then throwing her onto a bed in February.  Police say the girl was at the man’s home during a weather-related school delay.  Rhodus is facing charges of neglect, strangulation and battery.  Rhodus was relased from the Henry county jail on a $30 thousand bond.

Husband now prime suspect in double-murder case

The estranged husband of a Carmel wife found dead in her home, along with her companion, is no longer a person of interest.  Hamilton county police say Toby Payne is now a primary suspect in the deaths of 32-year-old Rebecca Payne and 35-year-old George Brenner.  However, Payne has not yet been charged with murder.  Authorities in Hamilton County say they can hold Payne in jail for up to 15 days without bond, due to a violation of his probation.  A murder is case is hoping to be made by Hamilton County Sheriff Doug Carter against Payne.

Two dead after wrong way crash on I-465

Nearly 50 calls were reported to police dispatchers after another car was seen driving the wrong way on I-465 and caused a head-on crash.  Indiana state police sergeant ray pole says police were unable to intercept 26-year-old Nicole King of Noblesville from driving her 1997 Honda head-on with a van, killing king and the driver of the van. Police say Dorothy Edwards of Kokomo died on the scene and four others were injured.  Poole says police do not know if alcohol or drugs were a factor in the accident and King’s test results could take up to six weeks to be complete.

Marion police chase results in two arrests

A Marion man led police on a short chase late Friday afternoon, resulting in two arrests.  Police say 24-year-old William Emry was driving near 16th and Nebraska streets and failed to use his turn signal and did not have a license plate.  As police tried to stop the car, Emry sped up and continued down 16th street, ignoring stop signs along the way.  Emry then left his car on south Adams Street  and proceeded to flee on foot.  He was later arrested and charged with resisting law enforcement, reckless driving as well as driving with a suspended license.  Police also arrested a passenger, 29-year-old Jeremy Emry for resisting law enforcement.

More troops could be going to Iraq next year

Approximately 13 thousand troops could be heading to Iraq next year.  Military officials from the pentagon say National Guard troops from Oklahoma, Indiana and Arkansas could be sent to Iraq after the first of the year.  It would be the first time full guard combat brigades are sent back to Iraq for a second tour if the assignments are approved by defense secretary Robert Gates.  However, a senior defense official says two thirds of the troops that would be affected have never been to Iraq.

New Castle man accused of strangling girlfriend

A New Castle man is facing strangulation charges.  New castle police say 32-year-old Gary Scott was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly attacked his 30-year-old girlfriend. The woman says Scott dragged her by the hair and choked her.  Scott is facing a class d felony charge of strangulation as well as a misdemeanor battery charge.  He is currently being held in the Henry County Jail without bond.

Muncie man held in jail for attack on girlfriend

A Muncie man was arrested after police say he attacked his girlfriend with a knife early Friday morning.  41-year-old Wendell Pegues was arrested and charged with battery with a deadly weapon.  Authorities say his 37-year-old girlfriend suffered cuts to her head and neck and was later treated and released at ball memorial hospital.  Pegues remained in Delaware County Jail Friday on $10 thousand bond.